Phishing emails lately?

Why wouldn’t it? It leads to the legit EVE website.

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I rechecked again all my toons and there are no SP injectors pending to be claimed as rewards or on the unclaimed to be redeemed list. I have a lot of unallocated SP but that shouldn’t expire.

Chalking this up to phishing.

I didn’t use the email link…I never use any links in emails at all. I logged in to Eve separately, and I saw that one of the ‘Daily Rewards’ was 100,000 skill points…which I claimed. Had this before several times, though not the email. So the skill points are actually in the Daily Rewards, immediately on logging in.

I don’t think I ever had a 100k SP daily rewards. I’ve had 150k reward after 30 logins.

2 months of alpha would be 100k

While I cannot comment on the authenticity of an individual e-mail, I can confirm that CCP have sent out e-mail messages to characters with skillpoints set to expire in their redeem queue.

If you received this in error (no expiring SP), I’m happy to reach out to the relevant team to explore the data they used.

Yes, please check my toon. Thank you.

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Just got the same mail.

Double the SP that I actually have on the character and nothing in the redeeming queue. Around 700k unallocated.

I think hiring someone that can write a proper algorithm, as well as a copy writer that can manage to make a less ambiguous mail would do wonders for the company’s reputation.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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CCP will scam you anyway.

The SP figure of 12 million that I got would be correct if one added up the SP of all 3 of my toons…( I have 7 million and the other two have about 5 million between them ) so maybe that is what is being quoted.

Got the same mail, 30min ago. Said last login yesterday. Maybe I had an unredeemed item yesterday and the email was just sent out delayed/with old data.

Hey all!

I’m still investigating cases as to why some of you have been receiving e-mail messages when there were no unallocated skillpoints. One possibility is from today’s patch

Due to the removal of the slowly filling skill point bar at the bottom of the Daily Gift screen, a script will be run that provides all players that have logged in at least once in the last year with additional skillpoints in their redeeming queue based on the progress they had achieved in the bar before the systems changed.

So this may have been accounting for that - will keep you updated when confirmed (or not!)


A more official update!

The e-mail was intended to only go out to players that had expiring SP in their redeem queue - completely unrelated to the Daily Login.

However, there was a small issue with the script and some pilots without expiring SP were incorrectly added to the e-mail list. All those e-mails were suspended until this can be re-evaluated.