Player Looking For New Corp - Multiple Chars - Pirate Roots

This char is an alt.

IMPORTANT: If you are in Winter Coalition please do not waste either of our time listing your offer. Thanks.

I have been back for a few months but not very happy in my current situation. I am currently in Null Sec and it’s pretty horrific. Makes me want to leave EVE again. I need Pew. I need Fun, I need a cool group of people to fly with. I’m sick of hearing about the next moon ready to be mined. This big blue donut thing is just not working. I can’t even solo without jumping 50 jumps. So I am here to work on that and rectify the situation.

I need some PEW in my life.

I have 4 primary Chars that are worth mentioning.
Multiple Characters over 100mil SP+
I can fly Nearly Everything.
I have Alts For Everything.
I come bearing Capitals of all types.
I know how to listen, I know how to take orders.
I know how to provide content for myself and others.
I use TS & Mumble and prefer that you do also.
I’m on comms if logged in you should be too.
I’m active on discord.
Did I mention I like to blow ■■■■ up?

Willing to entertain all offers that sound like fun. So please, if you think I’ll make a good fit, Spam away.

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Hey there Bud I sent you an in game mail to this Character.

look at this might interest ya might not :slight_smile:

Our US time zone is growing. If you want to kill stuff in Eve on a grand scale come join ELTC…we wont disappoint. Welcome to all our new Corp m8’s. I think we have the right ppl to get in the top 3 of Frat if not 1st. Lets show out!!! Don’t forget the Indi guys. We have top notch ppl with tons of on-hand mining, building and all the rest. Can’t take first place without these guys.[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 corp is recruiting We own Vale and it’s close to Jita… Oh yeah…Frat…no need to say more

Thanks for the offers, however, I am still looking.

IMPORTANT: If you are in Frat. or apart of Winter Coalition please do not waste either of our time listing your offer. Thanks.

Hi Urgot trolberg

I think we could be a good option for you.

We are an independent group that operates in venal (null npc) and FRT being our main target i guess but also anyone that comes to our space to do missions and ■■■■.

as corp and alliance we are not part of any coalition and we dont like to be part of the bluedonut gameplay.

we just pvp, pve and play eve for what it is A GAME.
with us you will not have any obligations nor any mandatory ■■■■ and you pvp with what you can and want to lose.

if you want to know more just join our discord and talk to us


Hi there, have you considered checking out life in Pochven? Stribog Clade is recruiting.

This region functions like a hybrid of wormhole and null-security space with unique gameplay and mechanics found nowhere else in New Eden. This lends itself well to small-gang and solo PvP.

Feel free to message me in-game if you have any questions.

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game to Stribog Proving [SKS3P] and and on our Website to begin the application process.

Hope to fly with you soon in The Domain of Bujan

Yo bro
You’d like us I think

We are a PVP focused alliance with big goals and a members first orientation. We have a solid leadership and work together as a unit. Carebears are welcome, so long as they have teeth. We are currently based in Null Sec and operate in the EU and US time-zones.

What We Offer:
✪ Organized & Unified Fleet PVP
✪ PVP Training
✪ Null Sec Content
✪ Defense Fleets
✪ Daily Activity
✪ ISK Generation
✪ No War Decs

The Celestial Empire is looking for corps with…
✓ 18+
✓ Omega clones only
✓ Non-Experienced & experienced PVPers
✓ Pilots willing to learn from each fleet
✓ Pilots willing to fight as a single unit
✓ Pilots eager to kill things!
✓ And, ideally at least 10mill SP

For more information and/or questions, please:
Join our public channel CECA-Public (in game)
Join us on Discord: Click

Thanks for all the offers so far. Daily Bump whilst I look through them.

Step 1, get out of nullsec and into multi-boxing juicy wormhole brawls. Hit me up on Discord: BearThatCares#1337

Ever considered Highsec ganking?

  • No blues
  • Lots of explosions
  • The added bonus of infinite profit possibilities depending on how reckless / stupid a target is

Hi Urgot,

We live on a pipe into deeper null that sees a fair amount of traffic. Our USTZ has regular roams and filament runs in a small gang type of operation. We are independent of the null politics and have basically no blues, so content is always on the back doorstep.

Guns are the main corp of the alliance, but we are admittedly an indy corp at heart but with teeth. Check out our ad and hopefully we get a chance to speak soon

In probably an unconventional step, if however we arent what you are looking for exactly, since it would be good to be able to fly with you anyway, might I suggest also our fellow alliance mates Rusted -

shot you a message in game! Lets chat!

Hey mate!

if you are looking for a US/AU corp that lives in low-sec placid we would gladly welcome you.

Small low sec group
Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
lots of moon mining
Safe space for lvl 5 missions
Well experienced fc
PVP Training for those who want to learn
Ratting space
Discord Community
Comms are required

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

I sent you an in-game message! Enjoy!

Thanks for all your offers. I will be looking through them over the next few days.

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Join our family of nerds dude.

Hyper Pivot - we do stuff

Check us out! LS PvP group!

The Untraceable

:diamonds: Timezone: EU/US/AUS
:diamonds: Independet pvp group
:diamonds: 99.9% EvE Is Neutral! (MAX Targets)
:diamonds: Daily PVP Fleets, Roams/Camps/Blackops/Caps
:diamonds: Active training fleets (Small gang PVP) Manual piloting!
ღ Any PVPers willing to learn are verry welcome ღ

#fightsmart #fightoutnumberd #SmallgangPvP #OldschoolVets

Newbro’s are welcome!
Youre not a number with us! <3

Public channel: PROFC