Player Seeking Wormhole Corp / Alliance

123 Million skill points
Perfect Scanning Skills
Lived in wormhole for a year but left a year ago.
Realized wormhole life is best part of Eve and want to return.
What I enjoy most: hunting

A corp that is involved in PVP but does not allow it to rule their lives.
A group that engages in all of the activities wormholes have to offer.
Laid back casual group

Hey man, sounds like you could be a potential fit for us.

Organized group living in C4 space, with a heavy focus on roaming and PvP. We’ve been playing together for a few years now in nullsec, and recently moved to wormhole space a few months ago to focus on better content.

  • Plenty of dudes across all timezones
  • ISK opportunities if you need to bolster your wallet
  • 2-3 year history of constant PvP

This weekend will be a little slow due to the holidays (most of us are out of town), but feel free to pop in Discord and have a chat with us.

Still searching

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