Hello, you beautiful Dutch man.
Come say hello: DARCA

up to the top we go again

we are still open for new candidates

if you are looking we might be a good option

Still open

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we are still looking for similar minded pilots

Elcristoff666 here, CEO of Pochven Patrol [PP…], a member corp of The Morgue. alliance.

Are you looking for something new? Are you tired of bashing structures or CTA fleets where you do nothing but spin ships in station because your FC is too much of a pussy to take a fight? Then I think The Morgue. could be right for you.

  • No drama, only fun. 60% of the time we take a fight 100% of the time. Outmanned or outgunned. We’re here for pixilated explosions (whether it’s theirs or ours).

  • No CTA’s, no bashing structures, no blues, no mandatory fleets. Pings go out on our discord and if you can join, great, if you can’t, no problem. RL comes first, always.

  • We operate out of Pochven and anything that is moving through is a target (unless it’s purple).

  • Newbro friendly. If you can fly a frigate with a point, we can get you hero tackling like a pro.

  • Wide variety of content. We camp gates, we roam (usually Pochven but adventures to Null and Lowsec still happen). We also run PVE standing fleets from time to time to make life in Pochven easier.

  • Did I mention no drama? No one gonna laugh at you if you lose a 3b Golem and 3b pod trying to dunk a Claymore (yes I did this hehe)

And best of all, you can fly with us publicly. Try before you buy so to speak. Our public NPSI fleets are open to all, so join The Morgue. In-game channel and come dunk with us :slight_smile:

check us out lads

Hey,0/ we are a small appliance looking for players who are interested in looking at explosions!!

Join THE MORGUE and let’s conquer pochven together! We’ve got cookies… and spaceships. :cookie::rocket:

Escape the wreckage of your blown-up ship and join us in THE MORGUE! We’ve got an eerie alliance you won’t want to miss.

up to the top we go

up to the top we go


check us out.

maybe we are what you are looking for


Ready to rewrite your story? Join our family in THE MORGUE!

up to the top we go

Check us out

Join THE MORGUE alliance, where we’re more than just a crew - we’re a family of fighters. Together, we’re forging a path through killmails and explosions :)0/

we are still looking for similar minded pilots