PvP (E.U Timezone) - High Sec Based, Null Sec Targets. Down With Space Feudalism!

Flames Of Chaos (member of NPSI Alliance The Ancients) are looking for bloodthirsty newbros and bittervets in the E.U Timezone who are interested in -

micro/small gang ‘hit and run’ PvP

ESS theft/fights

hunting cheating botters

occasional sov trolling for content and annoyance.

Our primary goal is to harass and demoralise voluntary space serfs (Renters). We are not ‘elite’ and do not care about killboard stats as long as PvP is your primary goal in game and you are, like us, sick of all the null sec power bloc overlords and their rental empires.

Must have a functioning mic and preferably an isk source to fund losses. As the saying goes - only fly what you can afford to lose! However newbro’s will be given FREE cheap throw away ships while they are taught the basics of PvP (and die in a fire) by a semi competent tutor. :))

If this sounds interesting get in contact with Akballah Kassan in game, join our public channel F1AME or contact me on Discord. https://discord.gg/gzmt99jxVG

Fight the power - down with space feudalism!

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Down with Space Feudalism!

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Come join the fight against Space Feudalism!

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Down with Space Feudalism!