Recently Returned, looking for Wormhole PvP

Been back for a week, having fun whelping frogs in low sec but wormholes are where my heart is. I have 3 characters, all about 15 mil sp that can fly wormholey things(Logi,cov ops, t3c’s, and these fancy new trig ships). Played from 2010-2014, mostly in j-space, so lots to catch up on. I just like to pvp and be on comms with fun people. Alternatively if you are looking to start a wh corp from scratch hit me up, done it before and it was fun.


Fwaming Dwagons is recruiting, but we are a C2 0.0/C5 WH group that focuses on Nano PVP. We mostly fight in 0.0, but we just want content so we will fight anywhere. If that sounds interesting to you, hit us up on discord and check us out on youtube and zkill.

Hi there,
We are a small gang pvp corp that lives in a C2. We do like to do wormhole things and are active daily. We are US TZ mostly eastern and central. I’d like to talk with you if you have a second.


Hey man, check us out. Always need more multi-boxers and logistics pilots :slight_smile: Tons of kills in a wide range of nanogang, brawls, and evictions.

Hi, if you’re interested in C5/C5 space, pls consider us (Stranger Danger) as well. We’re a mostly casual group of players who like to do PvP as our main focus.

Warcrows of shattered alliance is recruiting though if your ustz drankengard in the same alliance is looking to expand; we are mostly small skirmish gang orientated.

Wrong Hole She Said, is a small, active, wh pvp corp. Mostly eu tz, with a few others scattered about. We’re currently looking to grow all tz coverage and take on bigger fights. We are looking for mature pilots with a decent level of self sufficiency. We dont have mandatory ops or anything really, but we are looking for active players to join our group,. Not just fleet up for a kill then log off types. Feel free to check us out or drop by our pub.

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