Red Phoenix Rising - New Pilot friendly, Alpha friendly / Casual and fun/ RL comes first

Great all around relaxed corp. great mining PVE and mission support.

I should have taken a pic of that large lowsec asteroid mining fleet I was in yesterday.

As a parent with lots of other responsibilities and interests, I am grateful to have found a corporation like Red Phoenix Rising that allows me to enjoy the game when I can, without worry that when RL takes more of my time, I’ll be kicked for “inactivity”. I can log in and find others online nearly every time, all helpful, friendly folks who are interested in making the game enjoyable for everyone.
Very happy with RPR! :slight_smile:

Time to start the Abyss section of the AIR
Usually use T0 for training New Corp members but shouldnt take long

join us in chat to find out more
Chat : RPR Public

OK going to build up three three trig ships for 3/4 of this task. unfortunately trigs don’t have a Shuttle
to find out how the build goes join us
Chat: RPR Public


Getting back into the Abyss. need some building mats for trig ships
the numbers are low in eve
if you are interested in helping rebuild a corp join us in RPR Public and help get the Phoenix Flying again

Chat: RPR Public