Retuning 117m SP playing looking to return to his pirate roots

Ive just come back from an AFK stint and im looking to rejoin my pirating roots.
Spent the last few years in null space with a big corp but big blobs and such really arnt for me

Im looking for a corp that is active between 1700 - 0000 or later depending on the day. Would like a English speaking corp that isnt uptight, looking to relax and shoot internet spaceships.

can pretty much fly most things, however would like to keep it to maybe frigs and cruisers with the occasional blops. Gate camps are “Ok” however not 24/7 as that gets boring fast, tho depends on the company

have comms as well, hit me up if you think i’d fit, just looking at the abyssal stuff at the moment as its something i haven’t done :slight_smile:

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I believe we can offer everything you are looking for.
Hail for more Information!

Hi Punker,

Go in ‘A.S-C lounge’ chat chan, join us and enjoy daily pvp ^^
See you there

We don’t just roam low sec we own low sec.
Help us Make Invicta. Great Again

We are not pirates since we are Faction Warfare but we definitely do PvP. Mainly in frigates when doing small roams.

We are part of Ushra’Khan, FW PvP Alliance, which aim is also to blow other people ( especially Amarr people).

Full add can be found here :

See you in the battlefield,

hi @Punker_Adagear
FUN inc are recruiting!
From your LF thread, i think FUN inc would be a good fit :slight_smile:
Drop us a line! 07

Come chat with us, we’re FW but we’re at war with most of militia so you can shoot anyone really.

Hey @Punker_Adagear

Would you like to come join us in lowsec? If you’re looking to get back to your pirate roots there is no better place to be an old school pirate than in non-FW lowsec!

We here at Filthy Peasants are a US TZ lowsec pirate corp that lives in the Solitude region. We’re experts at tormenting the locals and pillaging anything of value we can find. We roam, gatecamp, and hunt for targets daily through our region of Solitude, Syndicate (npc 0.0), Aridia (lowsec), and virtually anywhere a nearby wormhole can take us. We aren’t afraid to take fights and put our expensive ships on the line for good content.

Filthy Peasants is a established corp with daily active FCs and the same leadership for years. We are an RL first corp which means there is never any activity requirements to stay in. Even though we’re a casual corp we normally have 10+ pilots active daily and 20+ on weekends. We’re primarily US tz but our activity varies with greater coverage on weekends as we’re all working adults.

If any of this interests you check out our forum post and killboard before. Feel free to join our public channel Open Filth or convo Arctanis in game.


Forum Post:

Check us out

Come join us an Help Make invicta. Great Again!

[.l2p.] You’re Dead Fool is looking for YOU

We aim to be a chill, relaxed, PvP oriented Corporation flying under the Banner of the “Warped Intentions” Alliance that is part of the Legacy Coalition. We try to take every fight we can and have a “shoot first, think later” mentality. We roam around lot in every part of New Eden, forming in our Alliance Home or Jita. Usually we do Small Gang and/or Nanogang Fleets in Alliance on almost a Daily Basis. If you are into Bigger Fleets and/or Capital PvP you can Participate the Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets.

What we offer:
• Almost Daily Roams
• Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets/OPs
• Alliance Level Capital PvP
• Safe Space for Ratting and Mining
• Relaxed and tight knit Community

What we require:
• Friendly attitude
• Omega clone state
• Working Mic
• Loki trained / in training

Bonus points for:
• FAX/Dread alts
• Scouts/Dictor alts
• Logi V

If you feel we might be a good fit for you hit us up on our Discord or Meassage one of our Recruiters in game:

EU tz: Gallente Citizen 93502323
US tz: Gralek Mena / Xentriq
AU tz: 3xAWarpNinja Hilanen

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