Returning 230M SP player looking for casual small-scale PvE & PvP (WHs, low-sec, faction warfare)

Have been active between 2007 and 2013, mostly in nullsec PvP corps, but I left the game as it was too time consuming, and I got tired of all the blob warfare.

My main covers pretty much all warfare related skills (except precursors & supercapitals). Got enough ISK left to afford any new gear required.

I’m interested in a corp specialized in high-end PvE (WHs, maybe some guidance into this new Abyss expansion which I hear it’s solo only) and after I start getting comfy again, faction warfare, low-scale hassle-free PvP (incl. low-sec).

Note that I won’t be that active. I’m looking for a corp willing to accept members that log in pretty rarely and have long holidays IRL , but have their ■■■■ together & expect proficiency from their members.

EDIT: I’m in the EU TZ.

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Maybe we can offer what you are looking for. Enough players to give advice on abysall sites etc. and pew pew on a regular base with fleets to join.

[.l2p.] You’re Dead Fool is looking for you !!

We aim to be a chill, relaxed, PvP oriented Corporation flying under the Banner of the “Warped Intentions” Alliance that is part of the Legacy Coalition. We try to take every fight we can and have a “shoot first, think later” mentality. We roam around lot in every part of New Eden, forming in our Alliance Home or Jita. Usually we do Small Gang and/or Nanogang Fleets in Alliance on almost a Daily Basis. If you are into Bigger Fleets and/or Capital PvP you can Participate the Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets.

What we offer:
• Almost Daily Roams
• Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets/OPs
• Alliance Level Capital PvP
• Safe Space for Ratting and Mining
• Relaxed and tight knit Community

What we require:
• Friendly attitude
• Omega clone state
• Working Mic
• Loki trained / in training

Bonus points for:
• FAX/Dread alts
• Scouts/Dictor alts
• Logi V

If you feel we might be a good fit for you hit us up on our Discord or Meassage one of our Recruiters in game:

EU tz: Gallente Citizen 93502323
US tz: Gralek Mena / Xentriq
AU tz: 3xAWarpNinja Hilanen

I know you said you want to do PVE and ease your way into PVP but not starting out that way, but just skip to the fun stuff and join Total Mayhem! Especially if you have the ISK ready, I think you’ll have more fun with us.

We’re a PVP-focused small gang corp with the entire cluster (except PL, who you can eventually join if you fly with us) set neutral. We’ve got a few returning players that are looking to (re-)learn, be active in space and get the most out of their Eve time. Come join our public discord if you want to know more: Discord

Or check out our thread here:

Hey @Jadice_Dreamshifter

Our corp, Filthy Peasants, sounds like it may be a great fit for you. We’re an old corp of veterans who always put RL first as we all have work and families. We’re a casual US TZ pvp corp that lives in lowsec Solitude. We have access to all the PvE lowsec offers including good moon mining and pirate FOBs/Shipyards which we run when available. Abyssal space is strictly solo so other than tips/filaments there isn’t much co-op for those.

Even though we’re a casual corp our activity varies from 10-20 during weekdays and around 20 on weekends or for important ops. We don’t enforce any participation requirements and your time is your own.

Please check out our killboard and forum post below to see what we’re all about. Feel free to join our public channel Open Filth to chat or convo Arctanis if you’re interested.


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I like :), but I forgot to mention I’m EU TZ :(. Edited my initial post with this info.

Thanks for the interest. I won’t pressure you as not having anyone active during your TZ sucks no matter what you do. If your on between 22:00-04:00 that’s definitely our most active time zone. Weekends we’re on most of EU and US tz but that also varies.

Good luck and hit us if you ever want someone to fly with :slight_smile:

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