Returning after 10 years. 67m SP

Looking for an english speaking corp on the Dark Side. UK/EU Timezone.

I spent 4 years in pirate corps and am looking for a new one. Am self sufficient but very rusty and will need help with re-learning how to fly/fit ships. Have hi-sec safe alts (as is my main atm as I gather my ■■■■ from all around EvE).

I have over 1000 kills and hundreds were solo (I used to triple box when I wuz gud!).

PvP, Pirating, fun, explosions. Anything with salt is good :slight_smile:

Some help re-learning how to fly, fit ships etc.

Hit me up here or online.

Check us out here or in game chat at MKUGA-Public

Always happy to have a new pilot!

What time zone?

Perhaps you’d be interested in small gang gameplay?

Thanks Hyrt, will hit you up in game chat.

Rhaz, small gang is fine, but you’d be carrying me to start with. I’m UK based. How many is small?

check us out bro, we offer everything on your list and they are a cracking bunch of guys that love having a laugh whilst we play - Do you prefer big TiDi's or big (.)(.)'s? - #11 by Kimara_Cretak

I’ll join your ingame channel. Your advert was funny enough :slight_smile:

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There may be a place for you with some of us old Infod dudes in RKK. We are do more nullsec stuff these days but hit us up on Reikoku and speak to me or Dark’ Lord.

Hi Umek

If you can consider an 100% independent pvp corp based out off venal null npc please make sure to check our website

There you will find all you need to know about us and what we can offer you.

Best of luck finding a new house and welcome back to eve.


Let me know if you wanne join
lets have a talk on discord :smiley:

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