Returning Eu player looking for a casual Lowsec corp

Hey Merphi,
I sent you an email in game too. I think you would be great for us because you are the exact type of player we are looking. We are JREX founders of a group called sedition. What’s sedition? A low-sec PvP alliance that focuses on drops, blops, high cost value doctrines, and having a good time.

We hate the blue the doughnut. Everyone around you is a target when you are with us. We are high SP dudes like yourself that like to do Blops, high SP doctrine ships, and surrounded by targets. What’s the point of being an F1 monkey or a ratter for some nullbloc. Or living in a space where everyone around is blue. Many of us are vets of that previous and instead find a lot of the small-medium gang pvp from dunking on crabbers in null-sec to dunking on dreads in low-sec.

We also have a strong industrial component. We are active from 1700-0630 eve time with players ranging from EUSTZ to USTZ. I hope you would join us and based on your interests, you would fit right at home… We have lots of good fights and great content happening every day to from blops to roams to Gate camps to dread fights. This is all able because of our SRP program.

I have attached our recruitment thread below which has our discord so you reach us. We also have a public channel called JREX Rec for all recruitment!

Sedition work in progress logo

Let’s kill the doughnut one drop at a time.