Returning looking for corp

Thinking about coming back to eve but not sure what I want to do. I have 79mil sp. I ma interested in high sec or null sec. I am garbage at PvP though. Interested in industry and market though.

Hey Ambraelle you sound like a good fit for us at The Order of Omerta part of Seker Matar alliance. We’re a mining and indy Corp looking for members. We are only a few jumps from amarr and we can help you get back into the swing of things.

We offer
90% jita buyback
Mining (belts, anoms moons and ice)
Indy infrastructure is being set up as we speak
Orca and porpoise boosts
Lowsec mining (dangerous but fun)
Corp and alliance discord

We’re new but growing and wanting to build a fun community.

If interested message Varina Vengari and we’ll talk.

Discord The Order of Omerta

Greetings mate take a look at us. We are a chill out nullsec indy corp in a very good place to live.

Also any questions reach me at discord kritikosk8#5153

Hello Vole,

If u r interested in market and industry our corp got the best infrastrucure for your industry needs, and got a super big market in nullsec to sell your stuff, also we can get your trained up to do elite pvp with our corp fleets + alliance fleets with the most generous SRP in the game

Join our discord and contact me if u r interested to be a part of a good crew

Looking to have u with us

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