Returning player 2 toons 40 mil sp each


I’ve recently returned to playing EVE after a rather long break.

I’ve got my bearings up in high sec and started looking around for what to do next as high is a bit boring sometimes :frowning:

I’ve lived in sov null but sov is a pain in the ass, I tried wormholes but squatting in a POS with 20 other dudes is just weird :stuck_out_tongue:

So I would like to try Lowsec or possibly npc null with a corporation that has an established area where I can earn my isk to then buy PVP ships for.

Interested in learning to PVP properly in a small gang environment.

My toons can fly a wide range of fleets. One of them was a logi for shield incursions and I’m ok with being a fleet logi :slight_smile:

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We should probably be something that you are looking for.Shout at me whenever you are online if you would like to have a proper chat.

If you ever consider about SOV null take a look upon us - [MDLAB] - relaxed null sec corporation
Great mature community with tons of goals awaits!

Come smash sand castles and farm salt with us =)

Well we arent NPC null but we will have lots of opportunities to have your logi skills get used in the war effort. If you want to hear more Right Click Jump To - RCJT and send me a msg in discord rangerwolfy#4987

Hey @Loothunter

If you’re interested in lowsec you should definitely come check out Filthy Peasants.

We’re a lowsec/npc nullsec pirate pvp corporation that lives in the Solitude region. If you want to learn to be a competent small gang and solo pvpers we’re the right people to help improve your skills and knowledge about the game. We’re an established corp that has been around for many years with the same leadership as always and have solid FCs who live to provide good content to our fellow peasants.

If you’re looking for an RL first corp with a more casual culture and a slower pace we’d be a good fit for reach other. Check out our killboard and forum post below to learn all about us and feel free to convo me in game or join our public channel Open Filth for a chat.

feel free to hit us up if interested


We’re a primarily industrial corp based in NPC null. I don’t know if we’ll offer the level of PVP you’re after but if this sounds interesting please get in touch.

We have many new and returning players across primarily EU and US timezones and the infrastructure to support a large Real Life First multi-TZ corp with offline comms, website forums and an ore buyback scheme. No mandatory operations but members online 24/7 and a friendly, mature atmosphere

Some more info about us is here:

JAD Industries is looking for active pilots. Our goal is to create a brotherhood of our members working together to do what we enjoy. Eve. We accept all flavors of pilots who seek community.

What we offer:

Active PVP (In region and out in the rest of null)

Active PvE activities (Industrial, Mining, Exploration, etc)

Plenty of mining opportunities (many moons)

A place to call home

Good, open minded leadership

Understanding real life before EVE

Mentorship to newer bros / returners

Shipping to home region

If you have any questions, please just ask one of us. You can join our public channel - JAD Industries Public.

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