Returning player 45mil SP looking for C5 WH corp

Im returning player. Stopped playing in 2017 because I had to go to college, now Im back. Back when I played I was FC for TEST. I have 45mil SP and enough ISKies to buy skill injectors to train something up if required by Corp. Im looking for C5 WH corp that is active, does PVP, high end PVE and is willing to have patiance for me to refamiliarize myself with game. Most of my time I spend in null sec but there was a point in time when I lived in C3 WH so I know how WH works and I earned my super carrier by doing null sec exploration so I think that proves my scaning skills. Im EU TZ. I also have an alt that I could train into what Corp needs

You Are Welcome With us. :grinning:

if You Want to Back in Nullsec You Are Welcome :grinning:

I found corp

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