Returning Player -53Mil SP

Hello there

I reactivated few days ago the sub and I’m looking for an active low sec corporation located in Caldari area

I have 52 Mil Sp’s
-main focused on Combat
-I can fly any Amarr and Caldari ship (combat ones not transporting ones)
-also i have strong PI / Scanning
-Now I started to do some reasearch on some BP’s

-I want to focus for the moment on some scanning and doing the DED sites in the area.
I am not very skilled at PVP but I want to have a corp to learn with.

Thank you in advance.

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Greetings , we are a caldari hisec industrial corp blue to a PvP alliance, located in a heck of a good place , with plenty moons to support industry, 2 lowsec dead ends next door to support PI , and good structures for manufacturing and reprocessing. The alliance is allways fighting someone, so there y have safe industry and plenty of PvP / PVE content. If you interested plz mail me or join Naabal discord.

Considered wormholes? Tons of content and way better opportunities for what you listed.

Fly safe!

hello dude we at iskatuion Cult are a small gang wormhole corp we can show you the ropes of pvp and pve

pop by our discord

Check us out over at War Eagle Fleet. We’re building a PVP-based corp where you can actually make real friends and build lasting connections. We are part of SLYCE, situated in Etherium Reach and have numerous isk earning systems and PVP opportunities. There are also lots of opportunities to grow into a support or leadership position.

We are in an excellent place, but are rebuilding after the long SOV war between WC and TEST. We’re a great team though and we have excellent connections and fleet opportunities.

Hey try nullsec :slight_smile:

Maybe you should look at Evian Industries, We are looking for new Capsuleers of nearly all experience levels.

Newbro and BitterVet friendly, We don’t require much; but an SEAT is needed. A background check will be performed. We want people who want to work as part of a team, to forge something bigger together!

We operate in Nullsec. We are mainly an Industrial corp, doing ratting, mining, PI, building and a little PvP.

We try to have different fleets up whenever we can. Our members range from longtime players to new players.

We have a mature and friendly community with a relaxed atmosphere. All time zones are welcome and we are the sort that understand that RLl comes first. We have members in both US, EU and Aussie TZ

We can offer comms, slack, Ship Replacement Program on alliance ops, PVE and small pvp fleets, a BluePrint Copy program and a Buyback Program for Ore and Salvage

We are looking to expand our pvp effort in corp and alliance, More pilots helping with teaching and flying in fights would be great. If you want to be part of this join our public channel “Evian Ind Recruitment” so we can start to get to know each other (mentioned you have been contacted, or contact “Dixie Diamond WhiteSamoyed” ingame)

Best Regards

Evian Industries


I think we would be the perfect fit for you Surama. Check us out at:

Hey there Surama! Welcome to your first EVE forums post, as you’ve probably seen… lot of folks here basically use form letters to reply to stuff like this. I don’t blame them, they’re probably from big groups and are forced to “shotgun it” so they can recruit en mass.

So here’s a short pitch for ya:

My corporation, Battle Kats, has major potential to someday become a populous and prosperous organization. Our ultimate ambition is to someday (once we have the numbers and overall competence) join a good NulSec alliance. I don’t know how long this is going to take but I know how I’m going to do it… and do it I shall. I have extensive leadership experience and a strong desire to build a tight knit community whose main goal is to have fun together. We don’t have anything to offer in terms of material wealth, fancy space or big ol’ structures… what we do offer is hope. This is the sort of hope that will someday shape entire regions and topple empires (maybe, IDK).

If any of this sounds even remotely interesting to you or if you want to take a chance… let me know.

We’re building our member base out of Jita, the idea is for us to be PvP focused and I’d love to support your DED site running!

Feel free to contact me at any of the following places:

In-game channel: Battle Kats Public
OR > send me an EVE Mail in-game

Thanks for reading, fly dangerously my friend - Ram

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