Returning player 69mill sp LF lowsec PVP group (US TZ)

I’ve been away from eve for 2 years now and i am just getting back. I am looking for a pvp focused lowsec group. I have a lot of pvp experience from small to large fights in lowsec. I can fly most subcaps and soon caps as well. Really just looking to get back into it.

Go for Schneckt, they’re my favorite lowsec group and have been going strong for many years. If you end up wanting to try wormholes and nanogang shoot me a mail :slight_smile:

actually i have been considering wormholes to. I’ve never lived in a WH and only used them to jump people.

Add me on Discord and we can have a chat :slight_smile: Porowns#1337

Hey Buldoz3r,

I’m in a similar boat(1.5 year break) but firing my corp back up. We’ve already built up some good activity, and hold a wormhole for isk making and teleporting.

If you think we’d be of any interest, I’ll be throwing you a followup evemail with more information so just let me know!


We are a HS corp that neighbors a LS system that we do PvP in. we are primary US TZ with some EU presence. We also do other larger fleets from time to time.

If this seems to interest you please contact me.

Tari’elle Sheridan

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