Returning player, last played in 2013. 130mil sp. EST

Hello. I am an old school player that hasn’t been on since 2013. Looking to get back into the game so I’d like to find a highly active pvp corp. Soooo much has changed and there is a lot I don’t remember so will probably take me a little bit to get back into the groove, but having some skilled people to play with would be very helpful. I do have a long history with the game, I have 130mil sp, I’ve flown in multiple Alliance tournaments. I have experience in small scale pvp all the way up to the huge alliance wars. I’m USTZ (est). If you feel your corp would be a good fit for me, let me know!


Hey @KRAT0S,

We’re looking for PvP pilots. Our small gang Corp doesn’t have a recruitment add up, but I know they are keen to find more guys.

While this add isn’t directly for the small gang Corp specifically. I’d say this probably dose a good job of summing up some of what they are, and we as an alliance, are about.

Hello Kratos!

come check us out
[USTZ/AUTZ] and a bit of [EUTZ]
Down Under Syndrome is looking for any corporations looking to make piles of isk in the Placid/Syndicate region. We are also looking to recruit more PvP pilots to the executor corporation:(

  • Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
  • lots of moon mining
  • Safe space for lvl 5 missions
  • Well experienced fc
  • Ratting Space
  • Fleet pvp
  • Blopsing
  • roaming fleet

What we offer:

  • Over 50 BILLION per week in the most valuable moon mining opportunities
  • ACTIVE pvp fleets across 4 regions
  • Access to low sec AND null sec ores including crokite and arkonor
  • LOCAL market place used by the alliance as well as our allies
  • WELL MAINTAINED infrastructure and experienced leaders, each with more than 10 yrs experience
  • SRP program designed to keep you flying
  • Reliable Allies and a long standing reputation as being a dependable friend and a fearless foe

Must meet the minimum 20,000,000 (20M) SP requirement

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

Visit our Discord for more information if this opportunity sounds appropriate for your respective corporations

Howdy Kratos!

First of all welcome back!

The Celestial Cartel is always looking for pilots like yourself, and we are always happy to bring you up to speed in the game:)

We are a PVP oriented group (though we don’t pretend to be the best) with solid leadership.

More info can be found in this Corp advert below!

Until then, fly safe o7

my main Dorfsorc tried to contact you in game, but your name did not come up on the search (just dozens of near misses). He recruits for IRC, one of the oldest alliances in the game. he will find the right corp within the alliance to match your playstyle and tZ. saves you a lot of legwork. convo him in game for more info.
the wiz

Greetings. Swamp Panthers is a PVP focused corp with some side activities. We have just moved into a fairly active pvp area in the last couple of days and are looking to grow, as EVE hard times has reduced our already small corp to almost nothing. If you are interested in flying with a couple of grouchy old coots, check out our killboard and contact me in game.
Thanks, Krymswn Kennedy

I sent you a message about this. I’ll talk to you if you’re interested.

HI Kratos

Welcome back to eve. I see you got some really good offers and i dont want to be in your shoes:)

That being said i hope you can take your time and consider our option.

Morts is an independent pvp corp that operates from venal (null npc), As corp/alliance we dont do sov warfare nor blue doughnut gameplay.

We play eve for what it is A GAME and we like to keep things as simpe as possible,

We will not force you to do anything you cant not want to do and you play as long you want.

Venal as region offers you a good place to make iskies once you get your standings sorted and a good hunting area once the war in delve is over:)

we have been around since 2004 and we just can handle all the bullsh+t people bring to the game with their super large coalitions.

if you want to know more feel free to visit our website or just visit our discord for a talk

last but not least, best of luck finding a good place to call home


We are always looking for returning vets like you :slight_smile:

Check us out 🇬🇧 Join the Imperial Fleet and fight for the Empire!

Greetings and salutations

we have ppl that are around the 2006 mark
if you like we can have a talk on discord

to see if we can make it work

Come check out B0SS Alliance!

Take a look at TDSIN our in Solitude!


Contact me in game when your on and we can have a chat and go from there.


Iron M

Check out B0SS!

Hey dm me on discord Nomz#4568, we got a nice group of pilots

Hey Kratos, we’re in Imperium and have no shortage of PvP for you to engage in your or any other time zone. We’ll also be happy to help you readjust back into the game.

Our discord is here: Discord

So come chat with us, if no one responds straight away just @recruiter, and our recruitment thread is here so you can learn more about us from that:

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