☜✪☞ Returning player ☜✪☞ LF NullSec Corp/Home ☜✪☞ 61m Sp (Mostly Combat) ☜✪☞ Details Inside

Hai Thar space friends and frienemies.


Im 38 yrs old, Serbia/Europe (altho i play at wierd times for my TZ, more on that below), employed and somewhat socially active (don’t judge). Generally, i’m in a very good place and probably shouldn’t play eve at all, however i’ve had cravings for eve for the last few months and as it look like, i relapsed. This is me giving it another go (trying to anyways).

Looking for nullsec corp/alliance. Not interested in anything else. HiSec i dislike, WH’s and LowSec i like to visit and do stuff there from time to time, but not to live in. I would PREFER NOT TO BE in drone regions as my prefered type of income is ratting and running DED sites, i do not mine (so far).

Main char (this one) has ~61m sp
Feel free to checkout my skills here..
to save you the trouble, link to zkillboard.

It’s nothing to write home about, but there you go.

“main alt” is ~32m SP

Detailed version:

Last time i was playing i was part of GoTG and all in all, i had great time despite everything. I was in a smallish corp full with cool people, had great part of space to farm lots of isk in and there were abundent opportunities for pvp. At times 2 much :stuck_out_tongue: I took part in some huge (“epic”) capital battles and also some super fun smaller roams that were run by some cool ppl and good fc’s (Erebus SilentKill comes to mind, and it kinnda saddens me to find out that he deleted his character and moved on from eve).

Would probably apply to some of the corps there (again) but in time of war they don’t recruit, plus, the coalition is nothing like it used to be. Yes, i know that they are pretty much disliked and in the constant state of war, and yes, i know that pretty much every larger entity would like to destroy them and it’s really not a good place for a returning player to be. But still, i’ve had some good time there and have good memories of it. Since the situation is like it is, they are not recruiting, area is in a chaos and i don’t have any old friends playing there anymore i think it might be a good time to move on from that idea.

Anyway. I’ve spent days researching, “catching up”, forums, reddit, twitch. Ingame also, checking regions, coalitions, alliances corps… pretty much everyone is recruiting but still i’m nowhere near deciding where to apply. So, as a part of trying to figure it out, i’m posting here.

Here is what i like to do and what are my interests, maybe there is compatible corp/group of people visiting this forums. Maybe you know a guy, who know’s a guy… and that guy knows a good corp for me :slight_smile:

First off, the most important thing, and i can’t stress this enough, i’m looking for a group of people i would enjoy flying with/spending time with. And i am in no hurry to find “any” corp. Hence the detailed wall of text.

I’m a chilled/relaxed guy, love to joke around, chat up people on comms. Have a strong dislike for drama, negative people, energy vampires, toxic people of any kind…


I like to CRAB (few ishtars and a carrier, smashing havens and sanctums then running few escalations) while chatting and having laughs with people on comms. It is not JUST about making iskies, i kinnda enjoy that sh1t, it helps me unwind. Whenever i am playing i like to be on comms so it’s really important to me that i find a group that ‘fits’, people that like to chat and have fun - on comms. And also not affraid to undock their PvP ships to ‘shoo’ away unwanted visitors.

I like to do EXPLORATION. I do mostly relics, some data sites. I do this with my alt most of the time that has almost perfect covops/scanning skills. I’m constantly scanning new sigs especially near the crabbing area but sometimes i ‘go off’ and spend a day scanning down WH space. I bookmark stuff for corpmates/alliance/coalition and inform if i find interesting connections (be it hisec, lowsec or a shortcut to a target opportunity). Sometimes i just scan the new sig (wh) that popped up, check the activity, scan connections inside / check what’s up and then roll it. Sometimes i do this on my main also, but then i’m mostly looking for a ganking oportunities.

I like to PVP and blow stuff up. I prefer small/medium size roams. I enjoy interceptor fleets. Corm Fleets. Bombers. Cruisers. Gatecamps. You get the point (i hope).

I love to do all three things above, and not in a particular order, but it is a cycle. I can’t just crab. And i can’t just pvp. Can’t just explore. It has to be all 3.

I don’t like endless streams of red pens. I don’t mind them, but i just can’t and won’t deal with months of end of multiple red pens. Every. Single. Day. Then it stops being fun. Not only that, but it escalates from not being fun, to anoying chore, to PITA job, and, i already have a job… i like that job, and it actually pays.

I don’t mind campaigns/deployements tho. I kinnda love them. But i don’t like to move my assets here and forth all the time. I’m not nomadic type of guy.

I dislike “epic” cap battles altho i participate in them (red pens…). But being stuck in lag/tidi, getting dc’ed and then being unable to log in etc etc etc for hours on end is a torture to be honest. It was sorta fun first few times, but that’s it. But then again… if i’m stuck doing that, with people i like to hang out with (like, on non-fleet coms) having shits and giggles with a beer or … khm, it can be fun. As long as there are no dc’s…

As i said, i’m living in EUTZ, but due to work my ‘main’ play time is from 22:00 eve time to 02,03,04,05:00 … Depending what i’m doing and how much fun i’m having, and do i have some IRL plans that recquire me to get up earlier.

Sometimes i can be online in period from 06:00 to 12:00 but at that time im not interested in pvp (mostly, there can be exceptions) as RL can call for some action and i’m forced to make an abrupt end to my gaming activities.

If you think we can be a ‘fit’, hit me up. Bare in mind that all of my assets are in security wraps (carriers, ships for DED running, various PVP ships, all in all ~30bil worth of stuff) and that i’d be coming with few bills of iskies and would have to farm up for everything else.


I do like to use skill injectors if finances permit. Can pilot (Super) Carrier with t2 fighters/bombers. Have long term plans to become Dread/Titan pilot on main, Fax on alt.


I prefer not to fly logi unless i really, really have to.

Thanks for your time,



I sent you an in game mail.

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Where in the drones regions in ER. Just wanted you maybe to re-think. If not its ok best of luck searching!
Running With Wolves [.PACK] Triumvirate. [TRI]

What We Offer:
-PvP Mindset
-Daily PvP Content
-Capital Use/Escalations
-Endless ISK Printing [Mining/Ratting]
-Alliance Wide SRP

-1st account Sub-Caps [Loki/Nightmare/HAC’s]
-2nd account [Sabre/Boosher/FAX/Dread/] *More the better
-ESI Check on ALL accounts

zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98569969/
Want to join or find out more information. Jump on our discord http://discord.gg/Gk79xWU Reeeee!

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Hey Wild,

Love the detailed post – I’m not sure about other recruiters but it can be hard to know what people are looking for when they write three lines, so thanks for taking the time to be more detailed.

From everything you’ve written, I think Katothen. could be a great match for you. It’s true that PvP is our main focus, but we certainly do some krabbing as well (a man gotta put food on the table amirite?), and I’m sure our ADMs would be very appreciative of your talents.

You said you like to explore, our space (Providence) has the best ISK/hr relic sites in the game, and we buy back all relic/data loot at 100% of Jita buy value, so no need to haul any of it (well, except to our staging system). Same goes for ratting loot & salvage.

One of the other benefits of Providence is that everything tends to happen on a smaller scale. An ‘epic cap fight’ here is about 80 caps, and that means for the most part it’s less TiDi ■■■■-fest, more 50b dead in half an hour. We’ve had one CTA (I guess that’s the equivelant of your red pen) so far this month, and that was a 30 minute formup to get blueballed by our reds – faction fort saved. You’re never expected to alarm clock or pull a sickie, just if you’re able to be around for those rare major ops, please do!

Total Eclipse, unlike a lot of other Providence alliances, is NBSI outside of our home region so if you want to go solo, fly with old friends or join an NPSI fleet, you’re totally welcome to – we have basically no blues outside of a single region so it’s a very target rich environment out there. Our SRP is pretty barebones (we’re working on it) but we always make sure everyone has stuff to fly.

Most of what we ask for, you already have covered – have a working mic, start training a fax alt if you don’t already have one, and be an active PvPer. Your play hours are very similar to most of our corp’s so I think you’ll do just fine in that regard too.

Come hop on Discord and let’s have a chat. Discord

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Thank you very much for the post and a very good effort at recruitment.

Provi is… a special place for sure, with a very particular culture and social aspects that offers a niche eve experience. That being said, not really my cup of tea. No offense intended.

As for the red pens, i’ll try to clarify.

CTA is just CTA (call to arms), you can come, you should come, if you don’t you might get frowned upon, but it’s ‘ok’ as long as your fleet participation/attendence is within your coalition/alliance/corporation norm.

Red Pen is also CTA, however they are mandatory (total mobilisation). Highest level defcon thingie. They are called for the ops of the highest strategic importance for the coalition (alliance), the ones where you set your alarm clock (or maybe take a day off from work). Node(s) get reinforced by ccp and usually ends up with a huge capital/supercapital fleet and tidi fest.

There are also StratOps (since we mentioned cta’s and red pens), it can be entosis ‘fun’, cleaning up the space etc etc

on a side note, people might have misunderstood my post to some degree. I am PvP minded player, i love it. Thing is, i like to diversify the gameplay or i will get bored.

Cheers & fly recklessly,


edit: Aded few lines about StratOps, and needed to apologise if the post sounded like i’m being condecending. I am not.

Ah, our CTAs are mandatory if you’re in game and able to attend for the duration of the fleet, those are the highest level of op we call. We just don’t ask anyone to skip sleep or work for them because real life is more important than a videogame. We also try to call them very sparingly, sov defense where we’re expecting it to be close or major structure timers.

As for Provi, it is definitely a different culture though even that is rapidly shifting. I’d say our alliance culture is probably a bit detached from old guard Provi because most of the founders are ex-Panfam, so we’re probably a strange hybrid of NCPL culture and CVA culture.

Anyways, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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I am not gonna attempt to compete with that wall of text but what i can say is it seems that we fit a lot of your checks - We are in Syndicate but we venture anywhere the smell of blood is. We are a small gang corp 10-15 guys at any given time but have a large Alliance EU/US/AU Tz. We have decent sites for DED PVE, Exploration sites and a much more other ways to make isk. We have decent engagements and aren’t afraid on taking on the big boys. We would love to talk to you.

Grimm Public

Ill see you there m8!

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Thanks to all of you, ones the replied here and the ones sending ingame mail. I think i’ve found what i was looking for.

GL to all your endevours and see you in space


GL mate!

Consider ICON Libertas. We are part of Lord of Worlds Alliance which is part of Winter Coalition, living in null sec (Perrigan Falls). Lots of fun guys to talk to, good coms participation, plenty of fleets if you want them, but not a lot of pressure. We believe in having fun playing the game and having fun is doing what YOU want to do, not some post someplace about the requirements you have to meet first.
Lots of moons to mine, exploration, ratting, small gangs, whatever you want to do.

Find me ingame at Arrowspeeed Bounty or join ICON_Libertas.

Hey Bud, Welcome back to eve. Little about us :
Trigger Happy.
Most active and fun pvp corp
Active in eutz and well the cooler USTZ(which would be a great fit for you)
Good isk making
Active fights and daily FUN!!!
Fun and learning environment
Active corp and alliance ops daily

Mail me in-game or dm on discord at Jason K’Night#5456 if you any more questions for me.

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