Returning player look for WH or High Sec, low-sec corp

I am looking for a corp with more then 40 active players.
active pvp and pve
manufacturing and mining are a + but not needed
active things to do i would love to learn more about everything new in eve.

most important part that I am looking for is a good {PI}, I will need a list of the planets you have and if you own the poco’s.

I am not going to kill my self this time around IE (RL to me comes first). that is way I am not looking for null

I have 3 char, with around (80mil Cap-ship/ battleships), 50mil and 20 mil SP
a long time ago I had experience running (pos) no more in use I know that.
running ops, mostly low-sec gate camps and low-sec roaming.
I have lived in WH space for some time but would need to relearn some things.

Hey Sludgeblink,

I believe I have the perfect place in WH Space for you.

We have lots of active players across all timezones

We have a wide range of plantery industry
Manufacturing Pipelines with high demand

We are based in a C4 with structures and access to C3 and C5 Ratting as well as numerous gas fleets

We offer a buyback program and have a core industry group for discussion and assistance.

We have no mandatory CTAs because we understand real life comes first

Hope to hear from you soon and please reach out to me on discord for a list of planets and a quick chat o7

Hey Sludgeblink,

Check your in game mail!


We are small but part of a bigger group

Checks, I’m an Indy nerd and can help you myself

Checks, I’m PI nerd as well, we got all planets, including plasmas.

We are null, yes, but we do take RL first seriously, also we are really chill corp so no one will yell at you to form

Thank you for your time posting. I am still looking at all my options I don’t want to rush a decision

Hi Sludge,

Be sure to check us out in Guns-R-Us, I think we have a fantastic new home for you and your alts

We have a EUTZ with well over 40 active people and a growing USTZ as well. We focus on being RL Friendly and have no compulsory CTAs. Fun roaming fleets as well as home defense, in addition to coalition fleets as well.

Looking forward to speaking with you

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