Returning player looking for null corp (32mil SP)

Hi Folks,

As the title suggests, I am an returning playing with my cal/gal focused char, totaling 32m SP been away from the game for about a year so i need to learn the game again but looking forward to it,

I am a 35 year old male from Glasgow Scotland so live before the game, but willing to put time in after work and at the weekends,

Looking for a crop that into pve and pvp, social and active with a mature attitude and voice coms.

good sense of humor is a must,

Thanks for reading and fly safe.


O7 M8,

I think our add says it all.

BLACK SCORPIONS INC - recruitment is open

We at Niflhelm also have a WH based corp. Currently in a C2 with static HS and C1 connections. Okay planitary(the deeper you go the better), much better than HS. Eight members active daily in the EU timezone. Aliance is Wormlife. Check zKill website…

and you will find we are the dominant PVP corp in Wormlife.

We can teach you how to survive and thrive in wh space.

Discord Voice Chat.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.


bump :wink:

Hello there young blood :smiley:

Ordo Drakonis is a pvp focused corporation part of Mercerany Coalition, merc alliance. We are an old corp, established in 2007, we value common sense as much as a good joke, real life comes first having fun in eve second and drama on any plans last. You can check our corp advert here and also drop in for a quick chat in game on our public channel " ordo united ".


Hi Kat

We’re more PvE than PvP, but we’re not a bunch of kids, active on Discord, and your TZ.

Our corp ad is here:

and you can contact us here:

Private Chat / Mail: PLANKTON PLANKTON or Type Blue
In Game Chat: Sealand Guest Channel
Discord: Sealand Guest Channel

Thanks, TB o/

Are you struggling to decide upon what Corporation fits your play style? Has Eve got you questioning the very future of your life? Does Highisec make you cringe?

Join Indecision - Time to Decide!

We’re a Null-sec group that basically gets stuff done, has a laugh and doesn’t really do Drama, plenty of fleets, lots of activity and some of the most chill people I’ve ever had the joy of playing with.

MORE IMPORTANTLY I would love to have a fellow scot in the corp! Come have a chat mate


Horse killers do everything your looking for.

join public channel or PM me in-game

hey man I think i might have something for you. come talk to me on discord when you get the chance and maybe we can help each other out.

I’m from a Null Sec corp, as part of the Imperium in Delve. If you would like to get in touch please join our pub channel “Spectral Public” and a recruiter will answer any and all your questions :slight_smile:


We got some people living in Glasgow. And also are based EU TZ corp who does loads of pvping. We can me mature and very immature at time but its all about having a laugh. Ingame channel: SINS ARE AWESOME

Hi Kat,
How about small gang pvp in nullsec with Agony Unleashed! - how does that sound?

If you are interested - hop on discord and chat to a recruiter today!

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