Returning player with 30 mill ish sp

Will be a doormat for anyone. Some isk would be nice though. Good at taunting opposition; not a diplomat.
Can fly a lot of useful PVP stuff…gallente, amarr HIC, HAC++++
Don’t know about all this new fangled stuff
End communication.

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Hi there Razor, and welcome back to New Eden. Any interest in giving the Invasion content a try?

If small gang PvP and competitive PvE are something that catch your interest, I’ve got a great opportunity for you.

Join the fight for the Triglavian Collective! This is a limited time event currently taking place that lets players change the face of New Eden. High-sec and low-sec Systems can fall under Triglavian control and effectively create new pockets of null-sec in the heart of the four empires.

The Stribog Kybernaut Subclade is recruiting members of all skill levels and vocations. They provide training for both PvP and PvE content, easy ISK making opportunities taking systems for the Triglavian Collective, and daily PvP and PvE fleets. It’s a great community with a large number of experienced FCs and dedicated players.

If you are interested in joining, apply in-game and join the Discord:

If you aren’t looking to join a corporation at this time, you can always join the in-game channel “The Triglavian Community”. We run daily public fleets in the invasion systems and have a very large and active public discord.

Hope to fly with you in New Eden!

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Risk Breakers [EXOP] is looking for Zealot pilots for null/low medium/small scale warfare. Join TEAMEXOP in game, and send me an evemail and we can see if we’re a good fit for you.

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Hi Razor Laxton no need to settle for being a doormat, we treat our pilots right and offer perks and programs you will not find in other corps. Read over our info and check us out and convo / mail me with your questions.

  1. We offer sign on bonuses to corp members who stick around for the long term in the form of plex or isk. Corporation Tenure Rewards Guidelines
  2. We have high end public moons, belt mining, and PvE sites with rorq and capital defense support.
  3. We have fast and free JF services that do hauls as needed.
  4. We also purchase, ore, ice, salvage, pi, moon reaction products and pvp loot from our corp members at Eveprasial Jita buy prices rather than local prices.
  5. Daily alliance level PvP Securtiy, Roams, and Hot Drop fleets.
  6. Free replacement mining and pvp ships for active members.
  7. We pay you for every PvP kill or assist you make and also for flying in alliance fleet ops! - Bounty Program and SRP and Fleet Payment Guidelines
  8. Additional corp SRP pay out on top of alliance SRP for any losses that occur while in alliance mining or pvp fleets.
  9. Finally Fly when you want to and dock when you don’t there are no requirements for attending fleets / ops.

Hey there, if you fancy making a move into Null, we can offer potentially what your looking for.

Have a look if your interested get in contact with me.

Have fun o7

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Hi @Razor_Laxton ,

We may be a very good match for each other, certainly if you are looking to learn the game at your own pace AND be part of a community with content. Were not looking for diplomats so thats good too!

I am a returning player who has created a corporation based on learning’s from playing eve for years! We have discord and whilst we are very relaxed about it a lot of people are always available around the clock. Were also a very friendly bunch :slight_smile:

We are recruiting, and we are looking for both old, returning and new players, since the 4 months we started were up to 90 members. We have a lot to offer and a different mentality to ‘most’ eve corps, please take 5 minutes to read our post to see what we are about

If it looks like it could fit please give me, Terrus Askiras, Nyel Blazon or Arlena Xingjue a shout.

Would love to catch up ingame :slight_smile:

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I too have been a player with some experience and want to find the adrenalin in eve again.

Raelly I enjoy all aspcts, except mining rocks…PI is cool/ded sites/ margin trading + wh NPC relics…wandering null and wh’s for boredom sake.
HS wars if still viable can be somewhat fun…trig stuff? not so much. Old dog doesn’t want to learn new ■■■■ unless explained slow.

Except I almost died the other day in niarja when it was null sec? wtf…but even though it was a regional…experienced gate campers lost their meal of a gila.

Well, i think we are a good match. Why done you give me a shout ingame as we tick a number of your boxes :slight_smile:

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X-Prot - We Want You
We are a team of experienced pilots. Our requirements are simple, you have to chill and socialise.

We are a corp of PVP guys that log on and kick ass We know better than anybody when you have to log off the big op because your kids set fire to the cat.

We are a PVP corp based in great wildlands/ scalding pass SOV, Striving to achieve a strong PVP name for ourselves all’s we want is your experience and company while we’re doing it. Instead of running down to the local bar/pub to hang with friends, we log onto DISCORD and do eve stuff.

DISCORD Use (Listening and Speaking)

very friendly people in corp. safe space to rat and mine to fund those shiny ships

So we offer you the chance to come and see what we are about and to speak with us directly, as we are sure that we can prove to you that we are worthy of your APPLICATION.

COME AND JOIN US ON OUR EVE CHANNEL AT —> x-prot <— Copy and paste for ease, and speak to one of our listed recruiters who will be happy to help…

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i sent you a mail in eve online! Look forward to chatting!

Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve.

We are looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

We are a PvP focused corporation which operates as a tight knit tactical combat group. Using our in-house doctrines we aim to enable our members to increase their combat capabilities whilst also providing a fun environment to play in.

We expect applicants to show similar ambitions.


We are a member of Shadow Cartel alliance based in Essence region.


Small to medium fleets generally are just more rewarding. You become an integral part of your fleet and actually play a part in its success to a much larger degree. This provides a greater thrill and sense of achievement.


  • Significant time given to mandatory fleets sitting on gates, bashing citadels or waiting on timers while many fleet outcomes become blueballs.
  • Blob fleets with tidi where pilots are just a number creating a less challenging environment to play and learn in.
  • Being part of the blue donut where 50% of the map is blue leaving Eve a more difficult place to find good content.

Choosing to play outside large “blue donut” empires provides a more engaging Eve experience.


  • Experienced and stable leadership
  • Tight-knit friendly community
  • Small to medium sized fleets with a variety of PvP styles
  • Great corp and alliance FCs
  • Experienced and helpful combat pilots
  • No drama
  • No blue donut
  • No massive tidi battles


  • Frequent PvP fleets
  • A community focused on teamwork
  • Corp Ship Replacement Program
  • Corp fleets including nano roams, wormhole hunting, blops and sniper camps
  • Great logistics to help you get what you want where you need it
  • FC Program


  • Team player
  • Voice comms (Teamspeak)
  • Discord, Slack
  • EU Timezone
  • Self sufficient


Yamagata Syndicate Killboard


Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

gigX Approvedspace Kendarr Approved

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cool, I will contact you, thanks. I have an alt also with the about the same sp.

Rage Confederacy is recruiting players of all skill levels to join our ranks. We are a Nullsec corporation with a vast amount of playable space.

We offer:

  • PvP opportunities - Small/Medium/Large Scale engagements
  • Ice, Belt Mining, Moon Mining and Gas Mining
  • Ratting, Combat Sites, DED Sites
  • All levels of Industry
  • Relic, Data and Wormhole Exploration
  • Corp Buyback on most things
  • Jump Freighter service
  • Stocked local Market
  • Comms and Discord
  • Newbro Friendly

Join in-game channel Rage.Public for more information or apply in-game and a Recruiter will be in touch.

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awesome, I want to find a place where my 2 accounts can assist my corporation. I have been a jita KM whore lately but that is irrelevant as I lost interest in the game.

Some high level PI would be nice to challenge myself as I had a cl4 8x6 planet PI chain building wetwork mainframes during the citadel introduction ($$$). It kind of burned me out but gave me something to do daily. An occator at the time was worth about 2 bill? With them at their highest point likely as citadel require P4’s.

Any past dealing with Hell Dawn…if they’re still alive I suggest speak to Drell as he knows my character on voice. I try to keep things light in a place where people like to let out frustration. I was there once. Some people don’t grow-up, my only proclamation.

Check us out.

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