Returning/semi-newbro looking for high class WH

Hey dudes and dudettes, returning player here with a lower SP account (10m), looking for a small to medium sized group of people in WH space. I tried the nullsec life back in the day, and it wasn’t for me. It was far too impersonal. I’m looking for a well formed, tight knit group that I can play both EVE, and other games, with.

Quick learner, plus previous EVE knowledge, plus lets be honest, I’m devilishly handsome and incredibly humble.

You can hit me up on here, PM me in game, or find me on discord at bullet2head#2904. I’d prefer the last of those options, but hey, you do you.

wormhole corp, jack of all trades, one of the most fun groups around

Hey man, We are in a C2 if you don’t find what you are looking for out there, we would love to talk with you for a minute.

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