RHP Recruits!

Greetings to all Pilots!

We at RHP are looking for new members/corporations to join our ranks and to flourish in an industry focused environment!

We are currently forging a new empire with new friends and would like for any aspiring PVE/Industry pilots to join us on this journey. There will also be a wide variety of oppurtunity for PVP pilots too with a view to expand our sov in the future.

We currently have free reign over an entire region to mine, rat, explore and PVP so there is plenty to get stuck into. Most systems are already ready to go with fully upgraded IHUBS and a local market that grows daily with more and more people adding to the already stocked market, there will also be a demand locally for all industrial materials.

There are intel channels and plenty of Pockets to get set up in and also lots of industry infrastructure to come very soon, again there will be plenty of opputunities for our PVP pilots to spread their wings and go blow stuff up!

If all this sounds good then you can reach us via RHP Discord Join Link or simply Teamspeak

We hope to fly with you soon!

Tux - RHP Cheerleader

Feel free to contact me or tag me in the discord if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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Can always send me a message also.


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