Rorqual ORE Development Edition up for public auction!

Greetings and salutations Capsuleers,

The “Harbinger of Gneiss”, a

Rorqual ORE Development Edition

is now posted for auction

infos on the hull:

No, not a skin. The actual ship. Its stats are similar to a 2012 Rorqual with double the mining foreman link effectiveness and 100% drone damage bonus on top

It has a different slot layout, stats, traits and description from a regular Rorq. It does show up as ORE Development edition on the overview and when hovering over the hull in space.

Most importantly, it is currently assumed to be the only one of its kind.

Why does our group believe that?

It was available as a special promotion code from april 2014 onwards, but in may 2015 every bpc and ship in people’s hangars were converted to skin licenses.

This ship’s bpc was stuck in an expired contract and therefore survived the conversion. It is therefore a neat collector’s item.

Since may of 2015 there was not a single one posted on the forums for sale, sold in any ingame market or had kills/got killed on zkillboard.

Entity, eve’s most renowned collector, confirmed that not only does he not have such a ship in his possession (he will most likely participate today <3) but also that none of his contacts have one. yet.

It is neither glitched nor gamebreaking in any way (can be fit, contracted and used like any regular 2012 rorq) and I’ve confirmed that I am able to keep it.

The proceedings of this auction will be as follows:

This auction is (by request of some interested parties) a silent one.

Bids may only be made via an ingame evemail to character “Kami Inari” or, alternatively, a private message on discord “Dreams of Perfection#0001”

The starting bid for this auction is 200B (due to having received 2 ingame offers for that amount)

once again, as this is a silent auction and some may not be familiar, please do not make your bids publicly on the forum.

Items offered as part of a bid are explicitly allowed, their value in isk will be approximated to determine the current highest bidding party.

The highest bidder at the end of this auction will be informed and receive their hull.

The auction will be open until friday, 1st of july, 1800 eve time.

Get this special time capsule of eve history today~

Some screenshots:


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me via ingame mail or discord.

Best of luck and happy bidding!

Kami Inari