Scumlords Alliance Recruiting New Corps Looking for A Place To Call Home!

So here it is guys, Scumlords are recruiting corps once again. Scumlords is a medium sized alliance as it stands currently at just over 700 members looking for more, part of the B2 coaltion and living in our own 2 constelations of Deklein.

We are wanting EUTZ + USTZ small medium and large corps to come join the fun for regular PVP and PVE activities.

If your looking for a chilled place to build your corp up, give your members some PVP content and just enjoy all the benefits of SOV Held 0.0 without many commitments and no drama (no we dont want 4 people arguing over a haven, no time for that :smiley: ) then you must check us out!

We live by Real life first here, but we do have the occasional please be here if you can but these are rare, the last example of this was the following:

We offer you the following:

PVP through alliance ops small gang Pochven fleets along with a coalition that offers a ton of roams and fleet ops to get your PVP in!

Great space to mine, do exploration and make that isk we all love!

Jump Freighter access to home and coalition staging systems!

Fully upgraded sov space for ratting, mining, and exploration we own and live in 2 constellations in Deklein.

Knowledgeable and experienced leadership!

Moon Mining!

Capital and T2 construction!

Ship Replacement program for coalition operations and fleets!

Pochven activities!

Mumble to shoot the ■■■■ with each other and have a laugh!

Come chat with us in the Scumlords Pub

Any group that gives FRAT such heartburn is worthy of anyone’s attention.
I read somewhere that Noraus has a deep hate for these guys because of their guerilla style of gameplay.

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Yeah, I’ve read about these guys over the years and seen them on alot of br’s.
Definitely a small group to think about if you are interested in leaving the big blocks for a close knit group that is still in the thick of the fun.

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another day your missing out of fun enquire today!

another bump!


Battle Report Tool what a fight this was!


To Da Top!!