Sign into Singularity

Kindly note that I’m facing issue in signing into the Singularity Server and keep telling me user name or password incorrect (i signed in here with and tranquillity working just fine). After that waiting till the lock gone and tried again please i need help and the link which related to changing the password did not work

you cannot sign in to singularity until the next mirror most likely. If you joined up since the last mirror, you won’t have access to the test server until the next mirror.

Pardon me, what is next mirror and what is last mirror

Every few months they do what is called a mirror, where they take a copy of Tranquility and mirror it to Singularity. If you signed up in between mirrors, you won’t be able to access the test server until the next mirror takes place. Even if there is actual testing going on, you won’t have access.

Ow i see so i must to try to sign in after the next one in order to be mirrored with in, so when is the next mirror would be?

considering the last one was in march, possibly july or august.

Thank you Captains so much o7

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