Sinister. - A Triglavian Focused Corporation

Still recruiting? I have taken a liking to abyssal space and am looking for a good group that’s involved in the content. My game time is 0000-0400 eve time usually a few times a week. Later this summer my activity should up tick after some RL activity.

Let me know !

yes @xbigxgrizzlyx we are still recruiting man. jump onto our discord and we can have a chat.


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Up we go

Would love to join, but don’t think I could contribute in any positive way except being a bullet sponge. Tired of grinding highsec level 2 security missions just to barely be able to afford a hurricane. Looking to make my first billion isk. 17mil SP PVP oriented skills. Don’t know anything about the Triglavians, except I know I can’t afford even their frigates. :sweat_smile:

We can definitely help you achieve that first billion.

Hit us up via our discord

Today we’ve cracked the Abyssal :slight_smile: 100%

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Join up friends!

Today I’ve ran some co-op abyssals and they keep dropping so much loot. We need more looters!! :slight_smile:

Crush the Invaders!!


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