[SLYCE] Want to try null sec with a mature and mostly dad corp? Join us now!

Not sure if wrong, but it definitely was weird.

I was trying to be friendly. I’m the mining foreman of a 8 vessel fleet. I was trying to see if SLYCE had any interest of our small mining fleet jumping into Pyke Syndicate wspace from lowsec. I’m not surprised you borked me for saying whatever I said. Everyone hates me for some reason.

Eve pilots all want or need something, and I don’t want or need anything from anyone. There isn’t anything that I don’t already have. I guess that makes me weird because I’m not desperate to join or as thirsty to be willing to say anything or act nice as most pilots; just to get what they want.

Look: it was only a feeler. Just another industrial and business inquiry that I made, and SLYCE declined. I’m not a father. I never got married or had kids. Maybe I don’t fit because of that. I know it sounded like a fit. But you can’t expect me to sugar coat what I am; just because it plays nice to your ego.

Pfft, how about I blow the smoke up your arse next time? Kick me off a public Discord server; just because I tried to say hello, and it looked like a werid way to say hello? How about you start wearing panties from now on. Fine, whatever. You go your way, and I’ll go mine.

Have a nice day,

Sorry mate, but you failed at that. You came across not friendly at all.

Well, our advert is clearly directed to people that want something. :woman_shrugging:
But how exactly it is supposed even work?!! Going around trying to do things you don’t need or want?!

No. Because it was a giant wall of nonsense and we found nothing like a “hello” there. A.k.a spam.

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Still looking for friendly Dads / mature pilots :yawning_face:

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Up! Fun lads in here and dad fleets

Top !

mmm. No, there is the bottom :upside_down_face:.

Maybe we should accept moms too ?

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What if your not a dad, but old enough to be a grandpa?