! SOLD ! 67m SP Character (Account transfer started !)

Hello, im selling myself.

Positive Wallet
Positive sec status.
No Killrights.

Remap available now

Character Sheet password:1234

Starting Bid 20b

42B Offer Retracted

bump is luv

20B offer

25b offer

26 B offer

30b offer

35 B offer

36b offer

37b offer

38B offer

40b offer

41B Offer

43b offer

44B Offer

45b last offer, msg me if interested, isk ready

46B Offer.

46.5b ready

47B Offer - if your going to out bid me you will pay a premium at the end.

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I will acceppt the offer from @Astr0Physics.
Ready for the transfer,
Waiting for the ISK and the acc details where it should go.