[ SOLD 75m ] >>> [ Exhumers 5, Hauler 5, Barge 5, Ore Hauler 5, Transport 5 ] >>> [ Shields & Drones for ur Protection ] >>> +12m UNallocated SP!

12.233.500 !
UNallocated SP so you can have fun :slight_smile:

o Exhumers 5
o Gallente Hauler 5
o Mining Barge 5
o Ore Hauler 5
o Transport 5

SkillQ.net - Chaos X13 - 67.275b Only !
Hurry Up!

o No Bounties / Kill Rights
o Positive Wallet
o In High Sec

@capulis I saw u asking for a miner.

Please check me out.

@hikari_tsuneki Are you by any chance interested for me?

Redacted wrong post cause im a goof

Still looking !

50b offer

Clone status has no impact on this. You can remove that

51B Offer

@KIza_Sozay & @Harry_Snapu
Too low… lowest I may concider is 60b… or my byout price.

Still up 4 sale…!

I’m a GREAT Toon!

Still for sale.

52B offer

Too low… At 60b I will think about it, or b.o. at 67b.

Still available for sale.

Still for sale.

60B Offer

In few hours I will be at home (no more than 3).
If by then no one else gets interested, I will accept your offer.

@Roci_Nantes No other offers so if you transfer within the next 10 min I will initiate transfer now.

Otherwise I will transfer as soon as I wake up tomorrow :slight_smile:

Isk and account name sent

Transfer Initiated. Thank you.