Sold please delete

62B she’s yours

I bought another toon, but Im still interested in this. I’ll need about 3 days to work on funds.

Sure thing, offer stands

Sounds good, will be in touch!

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There is a standing bid for 62B , if it falls through she is yours or 63B buyout now

Are you doing the transfer with Credit Card or PLEX? If via credit card, I’ll do 63B buyout, ISK ready now.

Not willing to wait for PLEX transfer though, been taking way too long lately from what I’ve seen.

Can do transfer with CC, that’s no worries

I’ll do the 63B buyout if you accept that then.

Yeah done mate, bid accepted, send ISK and transfer details to CNR, transfer will be done when ISK recieved, cheers

ISK and account info sent

ISK recieved, Transfer initiated, congratulations and enjoy, GM please delete thread, ta.

confirming I have received the character transfer email

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