Kers is up for sale…


2017 Date of Birth
Limited Corp History
Positive Wallet

570k Unallocated
Solid Research and Production skills
1.9m SP in Science, 1.9m SP in Production
Invention isn’t too far off - just need to train up specific Sci skill

Three weeks to Exhumer (at Barge 4 and Astro 4 currently)
Reprocessing and Reprocessing Efficiency both at 5

1 JC in Amarr
Docked in Domain.

Starting bid of 7b

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Unlocking topic for OP

Still available.

6B buyout, available tonight.

Accepted, Send ISK and Account Info and I’ll get it transferred tonight.

Isk sent, account info sent to Kers in-game mail

Received. Transfer has been initiated.

Thanks much

Great. Thank you for the fast deal. Take care