Sov 0.0 [EU / US / CAN TZ] [CVA] Wealthy Tax Fugitives

Wealthy Tax Fugitives is a community driven, IRL first, ambitious corp who is looking for new and experienced players. Our core goal is to provide a friendly environment, a supportive play group and help our members in any activity in New Eden.

We are proud member of Curatores Veritatis Alliance and our home lies within the vast and resource rich region of Providence in null sec.

What we offer:

  • Low Tax
  • Corp & Alliance Buyback
  • Regular Corp & Alliance fleets
  • Sov null, upgraded systems for ratting, mining and exploration
  • daily R64 moon pops
  • Skillplans & Guides
  • A well established corp in alliance that’s been around from the earliest era of EVE
  • Ship Replacement Program (Alliance fleets)
  • Ship Handouts

What we require:

  • Alpha or Omega accounts (omega preferred)
  • some PvP experience or at least interested in learning (logi pilots welcome)
  • willingness to learn and accept advice
  • allow access to your ESI data to perform standard background checks

What we expect:

  • be social on discord & mumble and be active ingame
    (IRL comes first but if you don’t fly with us, why be in corp?)
  • you’ll join with your main, this is not your alt corp
  • you should speak english and have a working mic
  • you’re willing to train alliance doctrines and join fleets
  • you’re not going to cause a bunch of drama

Ingame channel: WTFUG Welcome
Discord: Wealthy Tax Fugitives

still recruiting

We are still looking for capsuleers who want to take part in glorious battles.

Are you ready yet?

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Come join us and get action. Fun fleets almost each day :slight_smile: