🚀 Sov Nullsec! The Death Space! Corp is Recruiting PVP/ PVE/Indy All TZ


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Greetings ! :fiestaparrot:

:rocket: Who We Are: :rocket:

We are a Null-Sec Corp in Dracarys. Alliance Part of The Imperium Coalition. We Life in Catch & Impass & Querious Regions

We’re a corp that puts fun in the game first, so we’re still looking for people because the more it gets, the more fun it gets. :wink:

The Focus of our corp is in PVP, PvE, Industry! comes to establish trading, miners, produce.

We Welcome Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returnees, Beginners or long-established players.

:sparkles: What We Do: :sparkles:

  • :milky_way: Exploration
  • :pick: Moon Mining
  • :crossed_swords: PVP Content
  • :video_game: PvE Content
  • :joystick: Amarr & Caldari Faction Warfare

:star2: What We Offer: :star2:

  • Large Fleet Battles with Alliance / Coalition (When we’re at war)
  • Coalition & Alliance SRP for Fleets and PVP
  • Weekly Corp R64 & R32 Moon Mining
  • Coalition & Alliance Ship Replacement / Capitals SRP
  • Daily Alliance Home Defense Standing Fleets
  • Rorq Mining, Super Ratting, CRAB Defence Fleet, Active Standing Fleet in all TZ’s
  • Daily Alliance StratOP Fleets
  • Large / Small / Medium PvP
  • Extensive Moon Mining Program with low tax
  • Access to R64-moons through alliance
  • Ratting Space with Good BRM
  • Industrial/Mining X-large Citadels
  • Corp Internal SRP for PVP/PVE ships
  • industry, Production, Research,
  • Alliance Buyback Program
  • Coalition FW Group
  • Very willing to help

:globe_with_meridians: Join Us: Come Be a part of our Family? Here’s what we’re Looking for :

  • Positive, Constructive and Friendly Attitude
  • No drama, and a Good Level of Maturity.
  • Willingness to Exploring, Mining, and Engage in PVP/PvE content.
  • The Ability to Comunicate in Discord.
  • The Ability to Using TeamSpeak & Mumble.
  • Willingness to Learn & Help in Home Defense.

:key: Requirements To Join us :

:ballot_box_with_check: While Deployed We Require To Join 3 Alliance Fleets and 2 Coalition Fleets Per Month.
:ballot_box_with_check: Willing to Train into Alliance Doctrines
:ballot_box_with_check: Be fully Authed with our services
:ballot_box_with_check: Participate when you can and support

:envelope_with_arrow: To Join The Death Space , Simply send a message Directly to Newboys in Game or In our Recruitement Channel TDS2 Public Or one of Recruiter Officer in Discord

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!

We Still Recruiting!