🐺 Stay Feral - PVP WH Alliance looking for PVP Corps! - Refuse Domestication!

Accepting corp apps now. Only accepting 1-2 for this cycle

Ouch, that’s a lot of blown up stuff

Time to add more corps

Well tomorrow should be interesting

Looking for pvp pilots

Big things in the works, don’t be left out

Looking for corps to join the mayhem

Two more corps joined, don’t miss out

Space hobos, more like space bozos whoaaaaaaa hahaha

Zinger……looking for morenpulots

Looking for more pvp corps.

Looking for more corps to join the growing empire

Accepting corp applications

New corp joined!

Hailing from the CEO of Emissaries of Chaos [EOC53]! We are a small corp of ethical pirates/mercenaries and miners; we were formed as a direct response to the tyrant known as James 315 and his army of brain-washed lackeys. Our efforts of recruitment and endeavors for in-game employ have not had the traction we had hoped.

I would like to join in an alliance with Stay Feral as your virtues and coordination align with our own. Currently in-between jobs so I am online most days periodically.

Looking for more corps

Looking for more active corps!

Another corp has joined!!!

I’m fresh out of training and looking for a home doing Industry work if possible. Who would I talk to for details?

Looking for new corps!