🐺 Stay Feral - PVP WH Alliance looking for PVP Corps! - Refuse Domestication!

Accepting pvp corps

A wIld lazerhawks appears

Accepting pvp interested corps

Rage roll time

Fun fight, thanks dudes

Looking for pvp and indy groups

Accepting both pvp and Indy corps.

Still open for corps

Accepting corp apps now

Great time to join, the foundation is set

Worst alliance ever, I highly advise anyone and everyone to avoid them… been there one day and it was horrible… too much drama… no real leadership… trolls all over the place… 0 pvp … just miners here… filled with spies… they recruit corps and then boot them the next day once the corp moves to 0.0 and brings their stuff and then start shooting them after being booted…

Also lots of bots…

absolutely horrible, worst experience I had in my short ingame career…

Hahahahaha ok…… name your character that was in stay feral or else your full of it.

Oh it’s mr pop!!! Your the dude who wanted to pay people billions of isk to evict us and you couldn’t. So we killed you over and over :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Looking for some savages ready to get down

Looking for more corps

Still accepting pvp intel corps

Got some great recruits this week

More people filtering in!!

Great time to join!

Weekend fun coming!!