Stay Feral - Wh PVP alliance looking to add corps

Welcome to “Stay Feral” We refuse domestication!!!

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Stay Feral started as a low sec PVP alliance and have been gaining experience over the last two years. After being tired of constant blops blobs and caps dropped at every small engagement, we moved to wormhole space which has been the best experience yet.

We currently have a very active group that scans and looks for content throughout almost all time zones. We are opening recruitment to corps for the first time in a year to join us in wh space.

  • Corps looking to join must speak English
  • Have Atleast 3 active members
  • want to be part of our team, joining the alliance but never being in fleet or comms, is a no go.
  • Must be more focused on PVP than other activities.

Our content is focused on:
• Rolling statics for PVP content
• Group PVE Fleets when pvp is slow
• Black Ops and occasional ESS shennanigans.
• Small to medium sized fleet fights (don’t worry—there’s no TiDi here)
• Loot and isk divided amongst active people in fleets
• We take most fights that come our way, we are not afraid to fight outnumbered, content is good!!

Please feel free to reach out to us for recruitment or with any questions:

Public Info Channel: “Stay Feral” Contact Doughboy61 for alliance recruitment questions.

“Everyone wants to eat, but few will hunt.”

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Just hanging out, killing stuff yah know

Great time to join the crew

That was a fight, heck yeah.

It was a fun and busy weekend :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Looking for more corps!!

Great prospects out there

Fantastic time to be feral

We are still accepting 1-2 more corps for now

Great time to join, we have several ops prepared!

:joy::joy::joy:. Really

Mr.pop your pathetic.

Great time to join us!!

It’s the weekend, here we go!!!

Room for 1 more corp on this cycle

Great day for pvp

Good time to join!!

Great time to join a wormhole alliance.

Any interested pvp corps?

Looking for pvp oriented corps