SYNDICATE PVP/INDUSTRY - Revenent Defence Corporation [RDC/I-RED]

(Valdezi) #21

Looking for PVP / Industry?

Mature players?

Lack of unnecessary drama?

Lots of quality fleets?

RDC is for you. Check us out in game.

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(John Revenent) #22

Join us Today!

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(Eric Von-Zipper) #23

Nice corp - mates. I’m not ready for level 4 missions on my own, or to lead them, so John brought myself and another “new”-er character thru a warmup mission then a level 4. Much fun and excitement running a Vexor thru a level 4, and winning, plus nice salvage goodies.

Gotta like a corp that helps you get tuned up without having to figure everything out on your own.

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(John Revenent) #24

Join us Today!

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(John Revenent) #25
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(Valdezi) #26

We are growing. Good opportunities for PVP and excellent industrial infrastructure. Apply now!

(Dash121) #27

Slowly growing and our new members like it here. We support any type of play-style. PVP/PVE/Production/Mining/etc. Come see why.

(John Revenent) #28

Jump on board!

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(Drake Arson) #29

Solid good folks here at I-RED. You should see what they can do with Boosh fleets.

(Valdezi) #30

RDC / I-RED continues to grow. Get on it now. Join us in game at Red Steele.

(Valdezi) #31

I-RED is cool.

Lots of mature players / PVP / money to be made.

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(Valdezi) #32

Regular PVP fleets. Money to be made. Join I-RED.

(Fat Zero) #33

Small gang fleets led by very experienced FC!

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Recruited - Thanks!
Looking for a pvp experience
(Valdezi) #34

Experienced FCs, good allies, lots of combat.

Check us out in game at Red Steele.

Returning Player 48M
Mature player seeking casual pvp
Returning 95 mil Null Pilot looking for home
(Fat Zero) #35

Daily PVP roams / Lots of industry

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(Fat Zero) #36

One of the best corps I’ve been in during my 9 years in EVE!

(Valdezi) #37

We are growing. Join us for daily roams / mining fleets / pve.

(Fat Zero) #38

Join us for some fun small gang PVP / War Decs and Deployments!

(Valdezi) #39

PVP / Mining / PVE / Null sec home - Join I-RED for a mature group of friends who enjoy all aspects of the game

(Fat Zero) #40

Come join us in Syndicate for a roam!

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