SYNDICATE PVP/INDUSTRY - Revenent Defence Corporation [RDC/I-RED]


(Valdezi) #21

Looking for PVP / Industry?

Mature players?

Lack of unnecessary drama?

Lots of quality fleets?

RDC is for you. Check us out in game.

(John Revenent) #22

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(Eric Von-Zipper) #23

Nice corp - mates. I’m not ready for level 4 missions on my own, or to lead them, so John brought myself and another β€œnew”-er character thru a warmup mission then a level 4. Much fun and excitement running a Vexor thru a level 4, and winning, plus nice salvage goodies.

Gotta like a corp that helps you get tuned up without having to figure everything out on your own.

(John Revenent) #24

Join us Today!

(John Revenent) #25

(Valdezi) #26

We are growing. Good opportunities for PVP and excellent industrial infrastructure. Apply now!