🔥 The dirtiest pirate scum in faction warfare, the ★★ Sons of Luminaire ★★


Still recruiting!

Yes we do recruit


Recruiting! Look at this FW madness! Battle Report Tool

Still the top killers in Galmil and still recruiting!


Come join the corp with the best diplo in Galmil


Come join Sons of Luminaire, home of the infamous Alexander Kardieu!

Join Sons of Luminaire, spiciest sh!tposts in Galmil!

Recruiting people to join us in sucking donkey balls.

If Carlsberg made facwar corps… They still wouldn’t be as good as Sons of Luminaire.

I fear the Sons of Luminaire. They are merciless, and swift, and led by Gallente’s next top model.

Yes, even I, the Blastopotamus, fear the Sons.

Come and join the Sons of Luminaire and fulfill your innermost desires of being an elitist nano prick!