The Ditanian Fleet Incursion community


(ExcalibursTemplar) #21

We need more US players, as we want to get keep this isk train going 24/7.

(ExcalibursTemplar) #22

Sundays fleet stats.

|17:36:11 |N/A |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = NRF
|17:52:19 |16:08 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TPPH
|18:03:12 |10:53 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|18:12:38 |09:26 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|18:21:54 |09:16 |29,137,500 ISK |6,475 LP| = TCRC
|18:33:28 |11:34 |29,137,500 ISK |6,475 LP| = TCRC
|18:43:19 |09:51 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|18:52:38 |09:19 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|19:04:57 |12:19 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = NRF
|19:17:37 |12:40 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = NRF
|19:27:02 |09:25 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|19:44:13 |17:11 |29,137,500 ISK |6,475 LP| = TPPH
|20:01:18 |17:05 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TPPH
|20:16:57 |15:39 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| =TPPH
|20:28:23 |11:26 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = NRF
|20:37:45 |09:22 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|20:47:04 |09:19 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|21:00:08 |13:04 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = NRF
|21:12:21 |12:13 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = NRF
|21:21:37 |09:16 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC
|21:32:12 |10:35 |31,500,000 ISK |7,000 LP| = TCRC

The ISK/LP rate is assumed to be 1000 ISK/LP for all calculations.

Excluding LP: 158,356,401 ISK
Including LP: 193,546,713 ISK

Total Run Time: 03:56

Total ISK Earned per Player Excluding LP: 622,912,500 ISK
Total LP Earned per Player: 138,425 LP
Total ISK Earned per Player Including LP: 761,337,500 ISK

Not the best fleet but not bad at all as we had just moved over to a new focus.

(John Wicksz) #23

Ok, time to man up and ask my question…

I wanted to join the incursion community, since it’s content i really want to explore. I wanted to do so as a logi pilot, since that’s preety much my favorite role. Every MMO i’ve played, i took up some sort of a support role. I joined your in-game channel, lurked around on the forums a bit, joined the mailing list and all that… My main issue is i don’t yet have all the skills your Logi mailing list said i should. I could fly an Oneiros, however my Logi Cruiser skill is 1 day away from IV, and a lot farther away from V. It’s gonna be a couple of days until i can fit T2 remote SeBos, and an eyewatering 16 days until T2 rep drones. Couple all that with the fact that i’ve never actually flown as a logi pilot and such, i probably don’t make a very good candidate. Is there any way you could squeeze me in as a +1 in the lowest, easiest incursion site next time you form up ?
Might i add every other skill is either at or above the requirements.

(Marcus Gideon) #24

Erm… what Mid slot damage mods are you referring? Cus… last I checked… All the damage mods go in the Lows. The only Mid mods would be Painters or Tracking Computers or something like that. =)

(Penance Toralen) #25

I would suggest flying Vanguard fleets. Because of their size, you are able to have almost all pilots on the watch list. This means you are pro-active with who you rep instead of waiting for armor calls from fleet members.

There is an implant for Armor RR which might be worth a look into. Depending on your level of Cybernetics.

Carry a spare set of drones and a mobile depot - the number of times I have left them behind - when getting fleet warped out of the site. I also like having some hull drones just for worse case scenario.

You’ll need both sets of tracking scripts for your sebos. Different weapons/hulls either need range or tracking. Some pilots will advice you of their preference.

(Anderson Geten) #26

last time I was with fleet, we waited for everybody to have their drones before warping off.

also you can refit if there is a nestor.

(ExcalibursTemplar) #27

The only Mid mods would be Painters or Tracking Computers or something like that. =)

Yes instead of having two or three midslots filled with adaptive invuls & passive EM mods we fill them full of tracking comps, sebo (to lock faster), webs and painters so you can apply damage much better.

(ExcalibursTemplar) #28

You’re more than welcome to join any of the fleets mate. Get logi IV first, replace the T2 sebo for a faction sebo they cost around 20 mill. The drones don’t worry about them just use T1 rep drones. Other than that just let the acting FC know you’re brand new to flying logi and he and the other logi should look after you.

(ExcalibursTemplar) #29

Ok i’m just letting anyone know if you turn up in channel atm and it seems dead don’t worry. CCP has broke the respawn mechanic for incursion sites with the latest patch. It could take them a couple of days to fix it. So if no one is around or the channel is a bit dead don’t worry. People are just of doing other things or playing other games while we have some downtime.

(ExcalibursTemplar) #30

If you have a Leshak (shark) get you’re arse to our focus please. The fun shark only Christmas HQ fleet is happening soon and we need as many sharks as possible.

(CelaQulundeO) #31

What are the average site times for this armor fleet with a full 40 man fleet and links in HQ’s?

Average TCRC Time:
Average TPPH Time:
Average NRF Time:

No contests just your 40 man fleet.

Just curious to compare to full 40 man shield fleets.

(ExcalibursTemplar) #32

CelaQulundeO It’s hard to tell as we’ve got a lot of newbro atm that are still learning to do roles. But the fastest we’ve done with a full fleet none contest is around.

TCRC 6:59
NRF just under 10 minutes (medium to large spawn) 5 or 6 sites in a row.

Average i’d say TPPH 15 to 20, TCRC 9, NRF 15. It really does depend on fleet comp and having people that know how to do roles. So with all the newbro it does slow us down at times but they are getting better. As it just takes time to get people trained up and knowing what to do.

(NGResonance) #33

ummm not sure about the armour tanks having more Deeps there…
as a matter of fact, I have yet to see anyone EVAR beat ISN, and
if we remember, SHIELDS…they were SHIELDS…

There is a reason why we used to call them FAST SHIELDS…
coz they are faster

(Kranyoldlady) #34

NGR trust me when i say TDF is equal or better then ISN was, flew in ISN, flying in TDF atm, they are not far apart from eachother, well exept the tank then:)

(Ranar Linyne) #35

The nestors are mobile depots though.
I’d rather fly armor 1000%, mainly because i love flying my nestor. These guys don’t seem to be as active as say warp to me though.

(DrysonBennington) #36

I has ships, I can joins.

(Marcus Gideon) #37

What’s a good drop in DPS ship and fit? Like if I popped into chat on occasion and said “Hey, I’ve got an (XYZ) if anybody has room in their fleet” and most folks would say “Yeah, we could do with one of those.”

(Yonna Leczarovitz) #38

Thank you for the thread!
Lots of info and details that help to chose if whether or not I’d want join…

One thing I pay attention to is the location of the Corp headquarters and the systems owned.
Could you give more info on that?
Also, do you use Voice Comms and which application should members use? I understand there a few to chose from.
I’m not at all ready to join, skillwise or knowledgewise, and I might get into Faction Warfare before thinking of joining a Corp but I always keep an eye out for a corporation that fits what I’m looking for in EVE…

Thanks !

(ExcalibursTemplar) #39

Vindi or Leshack are always wanted.

Just check the fitting mailing list

(ExcalibursTemplar) #40

I think you’ve posted that in the wrong thread mate. TDF is an incursion community not a corp and we move around all over highsec.