:explodyparrot: The Icarus Expedition - Currently looking for (EU/US/AU) members


After 3+ years away, I thought I would see what EVE’s about these days. That puts me in pretty much the same situation that HooTiN_ANi described when he came back. While spending most of my time re-learning the basics, transporting and consolidating my inventory (AFTER paying about half of my net worth to get my ships and items from Asset Safety Wraps. There was a nice new surprise! :wink:), I checked in here at Recruitment every day looking for a new Corporation home that might fit.

The Icarus Expedition looks like it might be the one! The size, attitude and activities look right to me. I will get in touch in-game.

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@J0HN_SHEPPARD is a pretty great ■■■■■■■ CEO. Chillest dude you could ever meet. Nice corp environment especially when doing the pew. Mining and that pvp daily. Mostly small gang and never disappoints. I encourage all the check these dudes(and lady) out


Thank you guys for all your kind words!

can confirm awesomely epic corp

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THIS IS SPARTA oh hang on
Yer I got nothing



I’m thinking of coming back after a break. I will see how it goes but am interested in learning more.

@Roeth_Whitestar hay mate you more than welcome to join our discord and come.and have a chat

Here is the link to our Discord we can have a chat there!


Recently joined and glad so far to be part of the gang. Worth a bumpy bump!

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Damn been away a while but only have about 20 Mil, looks like I will need to come back later when ready!

How many people are in your corp?

We have about 150+toons with 60+ real people
Your more than welcome to join our discord @average shouna

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how is 10% low tax?
gl mate