The Knights of Evermore[RC][KOE]Null/lLow

Corax. LF pilots and corps to join are ranks

-Null/Low sec
-PI and Manufacturing in null
-Buyback programs (ore)
-Mining fleets (moons/ice)
-PVE/Ratting fleets
-PVP/Small fleets
-Great group of pilots to learn and fly with
-SRP on corp/alliance/coalition ops
-Experienced leadership


-15m sp
-Understanding of core game mechanics
-Regular play (few times a week)
-Cap/Cyno alts (have or train)
-TS3/Discord (be in coms)
-Understand English
-Be involved in the community
-Thick skin

  • LF Manufacturing/mining corps wanted
    New pilots may be accepted on a case by case
    New corporations may be accepted to the alliance on a case by case

Join channel Recruitment-KOE to talk more
If we don’t respond immediately please try again someone will be with you ASAP

Thank you from Corax.


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Still open of Recruitment

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Still Recruiting pilots to pew pew with

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I haven’t played in a while and am getting back into the game. I used to primarily be a miner but I have other important skills too. Would you have a spot for me?

Yes we would

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Hi there!

Sub Inc. Is a corporation that is interested in Joint-ops with other corporations. We would be interested in roaming lowsec with you guys, or having you guys join us in the wormhole for one of our Sleeper Ratting Fleets. Feel free to reach out if you guys would like to set something up!

Sub Inc. Undocking is our Specialty.