The Squirrel Academy >> A Special Opportunity in Providence


(Cephelange du'Krevviq) #31

Are you open to Alphas? I was formerly an Omega for years, so all of my skills are currently maxed. I would typically be available on weekends, due to work schedule and familial commitments. I enjoy flying logi (weird, I know), and EWAR, though I can fill whatever role is needed.

(B00lean Binarian) #33

Are you guys still recruiting?

(Galara Hakari) #36

Interesting times ahead! Join up!

(Subelectro Shanzaar) #38

Recruitment open for new and returning players…

Contact our recruiters in-game or apply at our site,

Recruiters; Subelectro Shanzaar, Robert DeNiro

(Subelectro Shanzaar) #40

Recruitment is still open…

(bronze disease) #42

are you guys still active?

(Chip Branson) #43

24/7 all timezones o7

(Jimmy Kaos) #45

Yo, wassup people, how about really new newbros? I’ve not even fini shed my tutorials, and I’ve already lost some inventory by leaving it in a stupid station somewhere, also, your website is down

(z0rberg) #52

What’s a safe mining environment?

(Chip Branson) #53

Please click on the link provided above to apply, and we’ll answer any questions you might have as part of the recruitment process…

(Ceetoff Corleone) #55

I applied and was sent an email to dl teamspeak (done), added as a contact (done), but have heard nothing since! Still looking to pew pew!

(Chappy Lex) #57

application has been submitted in-game !

(Brynjard) #59

So, I’ve been away from these guys for over 3 months now. Most out of game, but also some solo thing in HS. I’ve starting to loose in EVE. I’m not only talking about killboard. The other things ,I do not talk about…
As our friend “Dope” said back in the days when he did the same: (left us)
“Guys, guys let me back in. It’s cold out here”
He was right, EVE is cold.
I’m heading back in. Looking forward to what the future might bring with these now so called Squirrels. I’m still a Virgin though :smiley: I’m going back to winning EVE.
Thanks for the warm welcome and accepting me again, Branson
Cheers! =]

(Killig Zat'nik'tel) #61

I sent an app on your website. Idk what the response time is though. Who would I contact in game?

(Rheagar Targarion) #62

What part of space are you in? I am currently home to Taru. But this sounds terrific… Also, is there a simple solution to moving all of my goods to a new location? (New bro)

(Brynjard) #63

Hi Zat’nik’tel Chip Branson is the one to contact in game. He is the recruiter and CEO.

(Brynjard) #64

Hi Rheagar argarion, Please contact Chip Branson in-game.
There is always a way to get your stuff moved.

(Fargo Zaher) #66

Flew with these guys for a month and found them to be a friendly helpful bunch. Would recommend for any high sec guys who want to try PvP (free handout ships!) or dip their toes into null sec politics/combat.

(Jacob Ashby) #68

Hello, Galante here. Im interesed in joining a good corp to fly arround and do some PVP. I’m currently sitting on 800kXP and am relativly new even though my account is from 2015. I’m looking foward an invite and learning more about the game. I’ve been training my drones up to 5 and my economy and ship xp lets me get up to the vexor but I fly tristans with drones. :slight_smile:

Edit: I already sent you an application.

(San Ki Cho) #70

a friendly bump