Tickle Fight - WH and HS War PVP -EU/Early US

We are focused on WH and HS warfare. We lean heavily towards cloaky ships and promote that sort of life style. We are happy to teach you how to PVP in both WH space and HS wars. If you have any sort of willingness to learn, fleet up, and talk to people with no pressure then you will do very well with us. We are happy to teach and are very willing to forgive and aren’t a bunch of neckbeards. WH and HS warfare is a hell of a lot of fun. We kill people and make ISK doing it.

We have an alt corp that you can join if you want to get your feet wet with the WH side of things, but it is on you to fleet up and make the effort to engage. You are also welcome to join our alt corp to absorb some of what we do quietly, but learning PVP is entirely on you to make the effort to fleet up. We have good people who are looking for hunting pals.

We are a relaxed and casual crew and belong to a similar alliance. We fly with good people and reject big ego’s and loud idiots. Abusive people go away quickly.

Join our chat channel “Tickle Fights” and talk to us, and see if you like us and what we do. We are happy to take you on a roam or two so that you can decide if we are what you are looking for.

-EU and early US time zones are our primary time of play.
-TS for our main coms, Discord for secondary.
-WH hunting with fun and knowledgeable people.
-HS war with structure bashing and loot split.
-WH scouts get all loot from kills.

Come check us out, and thanks for looking.

Still recruiting, lots of war and kills.

Still recruiting.

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Still recruiting.

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Still recruiting.

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