Toxic Shockwave recruiting corporations for both nullsec and FW

Toxic Shockwave is a RL first, but ambitious alliance that seeks corporations who want to be a part of our journey!

Short term goals include bolstering our numbers while we maintain our close knit community.
Long term goals we can talk more about if you are interested - they should excite you :slight_smile:

What can we offer your corp:

  • A great community where we work as a team
  • Nullsec systems where you can explore, mine and rat - some exclusive for our alliance
  • Low truesec for excellent PI
  • R64/32 moons - some exclusive for our alliance
  • Freight service in highsec and to and from nullsec
  • SRP in alliance sanctioned PVP operations
  • All the PVP you want in the war against the decadent Gallente and the rags of Minmatar

What do we expect from your corp:

  • A positive contribution to our community
  • The ability, or the willingness to learn, pvp
  • The ability, or someone willing to learn, the art of FC
  • Experience in, or the willingness to learn, living in nullsec

As you can see, we can offer the best from several worlds:

  • Nullsec life
  • PVP in FW
  • Industrial knowledge and projects

Sounds interesting? Come over to our Discord, or reach out to one of our diplomats ingame

Matt Fulcher

Finally friday :slight_smile: :beers:

1 corp already in. We have room for many more!

Saturday ain’t so bad either :blush: Another corp is in talks about joining. How about yours? :blush:

Sunday…it is what it is :slight_smile:

Bump !

Upwards and onwards!

FW for PVP content. Nullsec for content and money making. Logistics alts in high sec alliance. Pretty good setup we got here to be shamelessly honest :slight_smile:

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A couple of corps are talking to us about joining, so reach out you want to hear more :slight_smile:

If you are high sec based and unsure if we are a good fit, you can join Toxic Shockwave University. We share the community and services, but you are not part of faction warfare and do not have access to nulsec. That is of course taken care of when and if you move over to Toxic Shockwave