Tranquility Tavern - Play Your Way

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Tranquility Tavern - Play Your Way
The last corp you will ever join

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Tranquility Tavern is a corp designed to allow players to play the style they wish to play. Mining, Ratting, PvP, or industry we support it all and want you to flourish in it all. With some of the best facilities for industry, and access to very accomplished FCs we want to support you in your gameplay.

Nobody is going to give you a hard time for your participation or killboard. Our #1 rule is that RL comes first. We understand this is a game and should be enjoyed as such. I have played eve for more than 15 years and Tranquility Tavern is by far the best corp I have ever been a member of.

  • Global Playerbase
  • Experienced leadership and fleet commanders
  • PvP content on tap
  • Endgame industry access
  • Capital warfare
  • Specialist interest groups (SiGs) like Black Ops etc etc
  • Multiple regions, (Drone, Guristas and Angel)
  • Unrivalled market and logistics services
  • Supercap Umbrella
  • Ship replacement program
  • Corp goals and objectives
  • A cohesive group of driven members
  • A versatile and adaptive playstyle
  • Corpwide programs to enhance your gameplay
  • Buyback Program
  • Much, much more.