UK Player LF Tight Knit WH Gang

Morning chaps,

As the title sort of gives away I am on the look out for a tight knit WH Corp primarily based in EU TZ.

I have plenty of WH experience and have two charcs looking for a new bunch of folks to enjoy content with! Combat main who can logi, support, DPS etc and scanner/indy alt!

Would be awesome to find a small group of friends who roam through chains as a small gang, don’t take anything to serious and just want to have a laugh!

Happy to come have a chat on discord or TS, throw me a link here or can contact in game.

Cheers, S

Hey mate, you’d fit well with us.

Tons of microgang and small gang in EUTZ. Lots of UK players, even London meetups about 1-2 times per year.

Cheers BearThatCares will pop by!

Sunday morning EU bump!

Hey buddy,

If you’re looking for a tight-knit wh group, check out No Vacancies. We are a PvP focused group, mainly US/EU. However, our EUtz is a bit smaller and perfect for small gang stuff like you’re looking for, while also offering bigger wormhole brawls on occasion. Check out our recruitment post to see if you meet our requirements and how to apply:


Hi @Slip2099
If a non-WH corp were to approach you who on paper fit the bill but were not “just wormholers” - would it be a no?
The reason i ask, is that FUN inc is very much the type of corp that you are looking for from your narrative - If you would consider nullsec i think you would be right at home here!
Why not check us out - we may just be the right corp for you?

Hi Slip,

You should look up Empire Assault Corp ingame and have a chat with one of the directors. Flown with them for years, tons of laid back fun and also looking for more good EU pilots.


Hi Slip

Drop me a mail in game and i’d be happy to have a chat and see if DT are a good match.



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