(US) 111 mil Pilot - Back from a year out looking for a Home

I’ve come back after a year to my surprise, everyone I know has gone, so I’m giving it until the end of November, and If I don’t find a home, I will do the same. Currently, have an Omega account, but the clock is ticking.

  1. I don’t mind going on fleets, but I have a real life that will come first. I have a mic and will train in doctrine fits. Ok, not all of them but some.
  2. I’m Indy-focused and like the regular ISK-making opportunities, but I require a Jump freighter service that is reliable, etc…
  3. Looking for a friendly corp. Not just friendly to you, to everyone. Except for that kid with the Babalon 5 t-shirt, that nerd should have been shot a long time ago.
  4. I do better with the older crowd and those from the US, UK, furry feet Kiwi’s, and folks from Aussie land. Not so much with Canadians because I never liked Alex Trebek or Trudeau, and I love guns.
  5. I only speak Texan English and identify myself with only one pronoun.

Hey Garett,

I think our corporation would suit you well. We’d love to chat to you. Feel free to join our discord: Kenshin. 2.0

There’s also a little more info about us here: Kenshin. is Recruiting (Active PVP in all TZ's) - #5 by Vlade_Randal

Kind Regards,

Vlade Randal
(CEO of Kenshin.)

Luckily for you a vigil fits in most our fleet doctrines quite nicely.

Plenty of corp moons and space to do other industry stuff, plus coalition supercap umbrella if CRAB capitals are your thing.

Lots of choices for reliable fast JF service.

[Outer Reaches Imperium] might be for you.(Active Null-sec Corp - Imperium Member - Looking for ratters, miners and PVP pilots - Outer Reaches Imperium [ORI-1])

Come drop by our our discord

You are welcome with us

I have all kinds of ships for you to build and the ability for you to make 75 million a wave completely away from the game if you get aggroed by life.

Legion of Heathens can be beneficial for you.

Discord: NyxSilence #6150

Hey :slight_smile: Now when EVE is hopefully breaking the trend and will move to a better place - it’s not time to stop, hehe. Would be awesome to atleast have a chat and see if we can offer you fun and some future plans in this sexy game.

We are a medium sized corp imo, we do split mainly in 2 timezones tho (US/EU)… we are doing pretty good, got a nice group together, helpful and friendly. We do belong to a larger alliance + have our own little corp home but as for “content” - there should be enough and more.

I would say two of my “golden” ‘ways to steer’ UMAH is;

  1. Never be toxic, no matter what… just skip that part and every aspect of the game will be better. We do not like internet bullies and will never do that either.
  2. RL is pretty damn awesome, we will respect yours and not demand you to be online constant and you will not demand me sitting at PC either 24/7 :stuck_out_tongue: (I have a handful of kids, wife and work so RL is just … mandatory in UMAH :stuck_out_tongue: )

Either way, here is a link where you can read about us abit more … and don’t hesitate to jump into UMAH_Pub channel ingame, you can hop onto our discord server aswell.

o7 Have a solid day, and if not in UMAH, then I hope you find another corp that suits you!

Heyo o7

My corp is a medium sized one living in Tenerifis apart of Warriors of Sol | Alliance | zKillboard. We have a good amount of industrial projects going as an alliance trying to provide plenty of content for our indy bros :smiley: we have an ice system along with plenty of juicy moons with no heavy requirements for CTAs n such.

We have all kinds of people in our alliance, plenty of texans, im from AZ and love bbq… we got EU people, eastern US, some aussies and 1 kiwi, but he’s shy so hardly comes out to play :smiley:

Hit me up ingame or in discord Arkis#0305

Always looking for more Texans :slight_smile:

hello we are a laid back corp located out in scalding pass join our discord and see if we are a fit for you. REPZ

Garett Rootarian, we are an older group living in Stain, feel free to drop by the Discord for a chat: STA'IN

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