[US TZ] Sheriff. - Lowsec Small Gang PVP for Caldari Militia

Bumping for the summer!

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Just finished the night FCing my first Raven Navy Issue Fleet for a Battlefield. That was fun

Bumping again heading into the fall season

Some fun scraps we had recently in Fliet

Galmil Deimos setup vs our HAM CNI comp. We won

They came back for round 2 with a mix of Navy Gallente boats against our HAM CNI comp. They won

For round 3, we reshipped into HAM Navy Drakes vs Gallente BCs, BS + Triglavian Ships . We won :slight_smile:

Bumping into the fall season. Small gang pvp compiliation video of fights we had in the last few weeks (with comms)

bumping for the fall campaign

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We’re still recruiting!

Another great month for us. Bump

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Great group to fly with.

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If you’re on the lookout for an awesome Faction Warfare corporation, look no further! I had a fantastic experience with them and am planning to return. Just apply, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Thanks Mike! See you soon buddy!

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