[USTZ] Blood Alcohol Content | C4 WH

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is a corporation for those who are eager to embrace the thrill of wormhole life, engage in epic battles, and truly enjoy the excitement of playing EVE Online. We’re actively seeking to expand our presence in the USTZ.

We offer:

  • C4 with C4/C5 statics
  • PVE activities (Reactions, Sleeper Farming, Huffing, Mining)
  • Heavy Armor, Nano/Skirmish, Roaming, and more!
  • “Business Casual” atmosphere (The Chain Provides)

What we expect of our recruits:

  • Willingness to PVP when content arises in the chain
  • Self-sufficient (Do not depend on others for daily activities)
  • Ability to fly T3C’s/Triglavian/Logi/other complimentary fleet ships
  • Able to scan and use bookmarks/mappers properly
  • The ability to shrug off losses
  • Don’t be a dick


  • 35M SP
  • Scanning alts are heavily recommended*
  • Basic scanning & wormhole experience (Players willing to learn)
  • Mic & Discord
  • Alliance auth and audit
  • That beautiful smile :slight_smile:


Blood Alcohol Content | Corporation | zKillboard

In Game Channel : B.A.C. Public

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